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  1. Great site.
  2. Hello Everyone!
  3. I found you via google
  4. Free Speech? What's the deal?
  5. Hi
  6. hi every one
  7. Hi! I hope this site grows!
  8. hey all
  9. good day all
  10. Hello
  11. Hey everyone
  12. Hello All You Crappy Tire Sucks Fans from Wendover Ontario
  13. Well the name caught my attention
  14. Hi folks, glad to see a forum like this especially aimed towards CTC
  15. Greetings!
  16. Thanks Kevin Brooks of Sarnia C.T store Auto Service
  17. Moosejaw looking for 2 service tech's,And reporting huge ripe off's.
  18. canadian tire hamilton Barten st and Kenilworth
  19. Hey All
  20. Greetings Forum
  21. Hello
  22. Too short a time before you are logged out.
  23. CT is both good and bad
  24. Ask A Cashier!
  25. Hello,
  26. Hello and I am priveleged to have joined this awesome site.
  27. I think their stores don't actually want you to shop there!!
  28. Hello All
  29. Hello From Manitoba
  30. Hello!
  31. hello everyone
  32. Hello
  33. G'day
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  35. Hello all fellow CT haters!
  36. Don
  37. Happy New Year everyone
  38. Hi there CTsucks Fourms!
  39. Just joined the forum..hi to all
  40. Greetings From A Former Service Manager
  41. HI to all from Whitehorse Yukon
  42. Hi from Ontario I am glad I sound this site as I am fed up !!
  43. Hello all!! Mario from toronto
  44. I'm a Proud Canadian, and wish Canadian Tire would stop using patriotism for crass marketing
  45. Looking for corporate email list...
  46. CT is ranked #26 out of 28 Canadian Auto Service Providers
  47. Checking in first time
  48. Hello from Waterloo, ON
  49. hello
  50. hello