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  1. Reasons CT produces suckage.
  2. A Consumer's War against CTC
  3. Customer service
  4. Free Market Enterprise
  5. That Money
  6. Canadian Tire Return issue
  7. Return policy
  8. When a Warranty Isn?t a Warranty
  9. Can't return "Powerbuilt 42-in. Professional Creeper"
  10. Cashier Utters Threats and Swearing to Customer
  11. The straw that broke the camels back
  12. Return Policy is false advertizing
  13. Simoniz Scam
  14. the owners
  15. Canadian tire worse then wal-mart?
  16. What is mastercraft doing here?
  17. Crappy Tire is a Dinosaur Store
  18. Auto Department fail
  19. Today's eFlyer
  20. Airsoft..
  21. Need Help on how to deal with Canadian Tire
  22. Jobmate 4 1/2" Grinder 54-7234-4
  23. Nautilus deep cycle battery
  24. Canadian tire mastercard
  25. cars parts story
  26. snow tires
  27. Douchebag at CT in the GTA
  28. Auto Service
  29. Don't shop at Canadian Tire!
  30. Auto center sold me defective tires
  31. Snowblower Blew up
  32. new contest
  33. Automotive Service Notice
  34. Atv 3000 super winch
  35. Hola
  36. Never will shop at ct again in my life
  37. Over Inflated Estimate
  38. Canadian Tire Fails at Tires
  39. Motomaster Eliminator Life time Guarantee
  40. Poor customer service
  41. Stupid return policy to hide employee theft?
  42. C-T garage tried to rob my mother
  43. a 4 hour oil change...
  44. Faulty puncture fix - (second time with a problem at Canadia Tire)
  45. no refund if you don't have wife's debit card
  46. Product Reviews
  47. Canadian Tire Ripped Me Off
  48. waste of time
  49. Queenway canadian tire rude and disscuting
  50. Defective part causes engine damage
  51. Got an oil change and then some.
  52. Candian tire doesnt honor warrenty
  53. CT bought my car!
  54. I asked for it !
  55. Canadian Tire Lasalle #230: rude manager treats the customers as criminals
  56. Full brake system replacement??
  57. Whats a good alternative for buying tires?
  58. Feeling Rather Ripped Off
  59. My "as-is" experience
  60. this sucks
  61. CT ain't what it used to be....
  62. Facebook page
  63. Disgusting Customer Service Experience at the Bolton Location
  64. 5 weeks to perform 7 hrs of work
  65. Would not honor a Rain check
  66. Oil chnaged at CT lead to engine seizure
  67. The good, bad and ugly
  68. Garage Sucks!!!
  69. Overcharged for Labour
  70. Terrible CS when returning defective thermostat (Sudbury, ON)
  71. Customer Product "Reviews" are Bogus!!!
  72. Careful when buying online only stuff
  73. Kanata CT Ripoff Attempt
  74. New here, have to agree that Canadian Tire Sucks!
  75. Digital CT Money not as secure as they say
  76. Meet Adam - Manager of Dalhousie Store in Calgary
  77. CanadianTire.ca FALSE DECEPTIVE INFORMATION on the Product Listed DID NOT try to RESOLVE Customer Complaint