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  1. Canadian Tire Regent St Sudbury Location

    My experience...

    August 2nd 2011, I took my 2002 explorer to get two new tires
    installed on the rear. When talking with the service supervisor,
    the person who booked my order, I specified 235/70r16. He took
    my vehicle ownership info, made the work order, and told me the
    price. I questioned him on why the price was different than i
    expected? He replied that i saw the "starting from" price and since
    my size was bigger it cost ...
  2. Can i sue CT?

    I bought one of the toolkits from CT and was not satisfied as the tools were not picking the thread properly. 15 days later i went to return but CT refuse to refund the money. They said that since its been used they cannot give a full refund. So even if you buy and test something they can say its been used. Can i sue them?
  3. CT really sucks. Shame on them to be Canadian.


    Please follow [url][/url]
  4. Canadian Tire is a disgrace to all that is Canadian!

    I have been ripped off! By 2 different stores in a matter of months. The details are absurd. Keep boycotting CT everyone. Dont give up. Spread the word and alert anyone you can!
  5. Sale of Goods Act and "Repair Only" Non-Return Policy

    The question is: do other stores share Crappy Tire’s despicable “repair only” policy, which means the poor consumer has zero time to return a defective product, and must instead deal with a warranty claim?

    (This is the notorious policy that attempts to side-step the consumer protection laws of Ontario, BC, and so on. Or, in the words of one owner, “too-bad-so-sad”.)

    Here are some links to web sites:


    Home Depot "Return Policy | Home Depot Canada" ...
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