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  1. Join the Boycott - People Who Pledge to Never Go To Canadian Tire Again

    Quote Originally Posted by CTH8R View Post
    Great job, Crappy People!

    You worked with Noma on the spec's, tested these products 'for life in Canada', and still decided to put them out on the shelves ... And now you want to enforce your worst-in-sector "Repair Only" policy?

    Epic fail, Crappy People! See if anybody wants to roll the dice with your crap next year!

    Canadian Tire's Noma Christmas lights breaking and burning out, installers say - Calgary - CBC News

  2. Spray rain boot

    I bought a pair of Mossy Oak camo swaper waterproof boot to go fishing. It leaked, so I brought it back to the CT at Meadowvale Town Centre, the stupid bitch ask me if i sprayed it before I used it? I ask her spray what? She told me that I have to spray a waterproof spray else my boot is not cover for warrantee. I told her they are rubber boot what kind of spray is goin to make it waterproof. Bitch wont exchange for me. I got pist and called customer service and they told me I can bring it back ...
  3. Employee Speaks Out) I hate this place

    I hate this job. I'm sorry for those of you who have had bad experiences here. Dont come back. Why do I say this? Because id love it if this place went out of business. Each and everyday I show up to work depressed, and I leave even more depressed. Yesterday I was almost fired for,missing my shift on Tuesday, a shift that I had been scheduled,for..on Tuesday. I told my manager that its illegal for him to fire me for shit like that, and that is demand compensation, and he became enraged. He's still ...
  4. Canadian Tire Battery Scam

    I bought a new top quality car battery from Canadian Tire for my Ford Explorer. It came with a "Best in the business" warrantee that was for about 5 years. Turns out the the warrantee is only good for 2 years and after that they prorate the thing. So the battery cost about $135 before taxes. It crapped out and wouldn't hold a charge for more than 2 days. Thankfully this happened just before the 2 year 'free' period elapsed. But I still had to argue with the guy and eventually get the manager ...
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  5. High Level

    Owner is a liar and a cheat don't trust him any further than you can throw him he will even lie to better business bureau and of course they take his side.
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