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Thread: messed up my car

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    Angry messed up my car

    i took my car in for a oil change and alignment they made me waite 2and
    a half hours for it while my car sat up on the hoist doing nothing!!!!
    i seen it there i paid and left after came back and my car still was pulling
    to right took it back they looked at it again said they fixed this time no
    charge to me left again this time it started pulling to the other side what the f@$%k
    took it back again they said if we have to look at it this time we will have to
    charge you i said what? i have warranty the guy that worked on it screwed it up!!.. ok so they

    gave car to mechanic, mechanic said needs struts quoted me 414.00 $ car still was NOT FIXED never ever
    going back instead i had to take it somewhere else for them to fix what crapp tire
    could not do!!! and aparantly they dont know how to fill your engine with oil either! they overfilled my
    engine by half a liter! stupid retarts! dont go there they ripp you off !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: messed up my car

    Most Canadian Tire employees can't handle wiping their own asses without a simplified diagram.

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