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Thread: Battery Problems

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    Re: Battery Problems

    Update: I chickened out.... After looking at my bill once again I realized it's been 2 years since I purchased the CTC battery. It cost me $49.99 + $15 core charge plus tax back then. I just can't face going to CTC anymore. Sooo.. I went to National Battery and bought a new battery there and for $54 no core charge plus tax and it's a maintenance free AGM and has a neat little handle built in. The folks there actually smiled at me and it was a good day.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mikie-again View Post
    In case you're wondering.. Mikie and Mikie-again is the same person. Forgot my password and had changed my Email so couldn't retrieve so re-registered.

    Just saw this so I thought I'd respond:

    Home Hardware store in Napanee is WONDERFUL... it's my favourite Napanee store. I can Email them asking about stock on an item and they respond. I can Email them and ask if they will order me an item and they do. The difference between CTC and Home Hardware in Napanee is like day and night.

    I could in no way compare issues I've had with CTC to Walmart, Tim's or any other store. If you have an issue with Tim's head office will respond. CTC doesn't. I've never had any issue with Walmart. I can accept an odd employee having a bad day but it's systemic in the CTC store in Napanee.

    CTC as an entire company doesn't care about you the customer. It's obvious in their head office nonresponse, their attitude in the store, their policies etc. If you are not happy with how CTC operates go away is the feeling one gets at every turn, and now I actually do.

    I will however be dealing with them one last time later today: I have yet another utility battery purchased in January of 2012 that now has 2 bad cells. I have tested the tractor and it's charging (14.5 volts) the battery holds a charge for about 5 minutes and won't start the tractor. I have all the papers and it's under warranty. I will take it back today. I'll see if I'm asked to pay for a test and if they honour the warranty. It all depends on that individual I get at the counter. I'm not going to argue with them... there's no point. If they want any money from me I'll just leave the battery and walk out. I've had enough of their poor brand name products, their crappy service, their poor attitude. Life is too short to deal with such a company. So we'll see what happens.

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    Re: Battery Problems

    Hey, glad to hear you got a decent battery from a reputable business.

    It might seem like you walked away from some money at Crappy Tire, due to the supposed warranty on their crappy battery. But, by the time you pay for a test, pay for removal, pay for disposal, pay for installation, and pay another core charge, your 'under-warranty' battery would have cost more than the new one from National. And, then you'd have still been stuck with another Crappy battery with no meaningful warranty, once again.

    Glad to hear you got out from under them, and thanks for passing on this valuable lesson!

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    Re: Battery Problems

    i worked for a canadian tire store from 1989 to 2004 and never charged anyone for a battery test on any battery they brought in, i cant believe they wanted to charge you. especially since it was a battery purchased at ctc. that is very poor customer service!!!

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