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people would always say i dont wana go back to that store,but i see 100% of those people keep coming back in that store....lol!dont get it??????????stupidity i guess??????????????
Agreed, the only excuse for shopping at Crappy Tire, is not knowing yet how much they suck.

After a bad experience, or even just hearing about someone else's bad experience, there's really no excuse for supporting this crappy store.

Desperation, or being stranded in an unfamiliar town might be a reasonable exception.

But I'm curious. How do you know that "100%" of people who say they "dont wana go back" make subsequent visits?

Do you keep statistics for these situations? Do you record their name, address and telephone number to track them? Do you have a copy of the spreadsheet or database you've used? Are you 100% sure it's 100%, and not even 90%?

Just curious how you can be so certain.