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Thread: How do you rate 3 Peninsula Rd, Marathon, ON store?

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    How do you rate 3 Peninsula Rd, Marathon, ON store?

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    Thumbs down Re: How do you rate 3 Peninsula Rd, Marathon, ON store?

    Prior to building the Canadian Tire store in Marathon the owners of homes backing on to the proposed site were invited to view the plans for the layout of the store. Residents were assured that the auto service bays would be located facing the street in order to encourage motorists to stop in for their auto repairs and that the quiet nursery supply department would be at the back of the store close to the nearby homes. Neighbourhood approval was needed in order to get building approval from the Municipal Board. Surprise!! The building plans were reversed during construction and the residents, some a mere 100' away from the open service bays were forced to suffer the sounds of air impact tools removing and installing tires along with the various air powered tools and the steady "clank" of dropped steel upon concrete, horn honking and the all day announcements on the public address system. The noise was so loud that residents are forced to close their windows when service bay doors remain open during working hours. When complaints were brought forward to the Marathon building inspector we were told that what we initially saw was just an "artists conception" and Canadian Tire was free to build as they say fit! Thanks for the slick move Canadian Tire, I for one won't set foot in the store and continue to support the merchants who have been established for a long time and care about customer service and satisfaction!

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