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Thread: How do you rate 400 Main St S, Alexandria, ON store?

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    How do you rate 400 Main St S, Alexandria, ON store?

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    Re: How do you rate 400 Main St S, Alexandria, ON store?

    Yesterday we (me and my wife) were in Canadian Tire, 400 Main st. in Alexandria Ontario. We noticed a particular toy (Orbeez foot spa) for our little girl. Only problem is that it was 5$ more on their shelf as opposed to the Sears catalogue REGULAR price. So it was 34.99 on their shelf and 29.99 in the Sears catalogue. We knew that Canadia Tire has a PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE so we went to customer service and asked the employee at customer service about the PRICE MATCH GUARANTEE. She said yes, we do the price match. My wife says yes, its on line at Sears for 29.99. This Crappy employee seems bothered by our request, says no, we won't match an on-line price. She then goes on to say that it has to be printed on paper. So we leave the store, empty handed, and drive down the road to the Sears (catalogue pick up spot) and get a catalogue. We drive back to the said store. My wife goes in with the catalogue and shows the said employee the price and she says no, it has to be a weekly flyer! She comes back to our van empty handed again. She says to me that the assistant manager said to her that its complicated, they would have to call Sears and see if they have stock on said item and that the real manager was on lunch. So I go in, and go to the parts counter with catalogue in hand. Spoke to a very nice lady there, said they could help me, and called Mathiew the assistant over. He said I would have to wait 1/2 hour for the Manager Gilles to be off lunch and that he would have to call Sears and ask them if they have stock on this item. (so I'm thinking to myself and imagining this employee calling Sears and saying Hello my name is Mathiew I am the assistand manager at Canadian tire do you have Stock on this item"? Come on. This is an advertised REGULAR price. He said in 8 years he has never priced matched from a catalogue. Only from weekly flyers. So I say to him come on Mathiew, lets change your sign outside your store to say" Price Match Guarantee but only from weekly flyers and not catalogue REGULAR priced items " So he says thank you sir have a nice day and darts (flies)away and hides in the back counter parts department. leaves me standing there with Sears catalougue in hand. Unbelievable. still empy handed.
    Whats wrong with these ppl.?

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