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Thread: How do you rate 409 Government St, Dryden, ON store?

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    Re: How do you rate 409 Government St, Dryden, ON store?

    Ratings on this store just keep getting worse.

    Not surprising, judging by the arrogance and hostility displayed by people who say they run stores like this.

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    Re: How do you rate 409 Government St, Dryden, ON store?

    In this tale, the customer was very responsible, but the store was not.

    The store sold a defective product, but did not stand behind it at all.

    The store printed the receipt on thermal paper - not the customer's fault, and the customer shouldn't be expected to store receipts in a climate-controlled area, just in case Crappy Tire decides to be jerks.

    To make up for Crappy Tire's poor-quality paper receipt, the customer brought in their credit card statement, showing the purchase. Still, the Crappy Tire people refused a reasonable return.

    It's also important to see how an honest customer was treated by Jocelyn and Gary, and their poor attitudes and false accusations.

    The low ratings of this store reflect that.

    These are all aspects of the story that Crappy Tire refuses to address. This is one of the many reasons people say:

    "Canadian Tire Sucks".

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    Re: How do you rate 409 Government St, Dryden, ON store?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    You really don't know surprise there. I have a store with less than 7000 people in town and have over 120,000 people through the register in a year, so logic dictates. 600 to 800 per day. Who cares if you believe it or not, you're just a faker advocate and you know what they say about fakers.
    Glad to be back from the cottage to call you on your silly ass commentary and opinions.
    "so logic dictates..." You really are that stupid to think we'll believe your fake numbers. Tell us, is that the same logic which denied those people a rightful returns at your store? Logic dictates that we should screw them over, take it back and use it for a display and not refund their money yeah yeah. And let's chalk this up to one bad experience out of 100000 fake happy ones, those gullible sheep bastards will believe anything we tell them and they'll come back for next weeks sale.

    So go on and use that same faulty "logic" to screw more people over, that you're better than 9 to 5 ers , which is most of Canada, including those that give you minimum wage service and those that sit in your corporate office. When the well is dry, you'll know the worth of water.

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