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Thread: How do you rate 8181 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON store?

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    Re: How do you rate 8181 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON store?

    Quote Originally Posted by cw1994 View Post
    This forum is just a place for people to complain. You know what? You might get upset because employees aren't about to put 100% for their attention on you but we employees get pissed off because customers are bitchy, rude, and don't realize how difficult the job actually can be. In response to Guest 0388, we are supposed to suspend the transaction while we wait for the product code and serve the next customer in line to prevent our line from getting too long. Makes sense right? Also, if you aren't satisfied with how quickly we are getting the product then get it yourself but don't bitch. At any given time we have about 50 people in the store but only about 15-20 employees working the floor so we don't always have someone available right away. Stop whining and get over it.
    Well maybe if your crappy store was more customer service oriented, someone would have helped the customer. You sound like a reject cashier from Burger King.

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    Re: How do you rate 8181 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON store?

    Quote Originally Posted by cw1994 View Post
    Do not even question my customer service ... do not ever questions my customer service.
    Um, actually, I didn't "questions" anybody's "customer service".

    (Although I did point out that "ordinary Canadians gave Crappy Tire a grade of “F” on customer service.")

    No, I simply mentioned cw1994's obvious "anti-customer attitude". Hardly the same thing.

    But since the subject has now been raised, 'methinks cw1994 doth protest too much'.

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    Thumbs down Re: How do you rate 8181 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON store?

    My muffler was on the verge of falling off due to rusted hinges, so I decided to go to CT because it was the only place that could do it after 6 PM. Thus, I didn't have to take time off work. Suddenly the putting on hinges turned into the catalytic converter and its flange being rusted through and would probably break off in days. They said it would probably break off while putting the hinges on. So, it will cost $600 not including labour. I looked at it, felt it and saw some rust, but was not the "paper thin" they described. I told them to put the hing on and I'll consider it for the future (which I had no intention). All the while trying to sell me an interest free credit card to pay for the repair. I said no and to do the small work I asked. Steve, the service rep, yelled back to the mechanic to do the hing work only. The mechanic yelled back, "Are you sure?! I doubt the flange will even survive the job, it's paper thin!". After the work was done, Steve had the nerve to say we'll see you in a couple of days.

    A couple days later, I took the car to a trusted mechanic (I had to take some time off work to go see him) to be inspected and to confirm if the catalytic converter was indeed on its last legs. Not at all! The car is in fine condition. He showed me the entire underside of the car, the components and tapped on the flange with a wrench and it didn't move or anything and laughed at the term "paper thin".

    I was extremely worried for days about the potential $1,000 (after labour) costs and how I would get the money to pay for this, until I confirmed that nothing was wrong. Just another example of CT scamming people and trying to force unnecessary repairs. NEVER go to CT for repairs! And if you go to this location, don't trust Steve. He's a sleazy car salesman in disguise! He's all friendly, wants to be your friend. But actually just wants to pad his sales.

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    Re: How do you rate 8181 Campeau Dr, Kanata, ON store?

    A story we hear far too often, and not just at this dis-service center.

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