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Thread: Tires out of Round - Poor Tire Job - Penticton Store

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    Tires out of Round - Poor Tire Job - Penticton Store

    Pick-up runs just fine 100kph no problem no shimmy no vibrations, no uneven wear on old tires but time for a set of new winter tires Oct. 09,2012 Canadian Tire Penticton B.C. Store bought 4 new tires appt for install Wed.

    Oct. 10, 2012 Penticton store new tires installed paid $785.00 back home.

    Oct. 11, 2012 out driving slight up and down bounce 20-30 kph 30-60 kph OK 60-70 kph starts shimmy and up to 100kph shimmy, back to store - re-balance - CT says need new tie rod ends and ball joints $600.00 -can't afford. Test drive - Shimmy still there Google Shimmy - shimmy not caused by worn tie rod ends and ball joints - worn tie rod end and ball joints cause uneven wear and uneven wear causes shimmy - old tires showed no signs of uneven wear. Out of round tires typical symptoms are bounce at low speed and shimmy at higher speed - can not be balanced to eliminate shimmy - if out of round enough, tire separates from rim - at 100kph !!!!! not for me.

    Oct. 12 2012 back to CT Penticton They say tires not out of round - we go round and round - they finally agree to refund.

    Oct. 13 2012 Excel Tires in Penticton new tires installed $629.00. Back to Canadian Tire dropped off the out of round tires and got my $785.00 back.
    Out on highway 100kph very smooth no problems Now I am happy.
    Canadian Tire sells out of round tires and then tries to sell you $600.00 front end work. Canadian Tire sure sucks!!!

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    Re: Tires out of Round - Poor Tire Job - Penticton Store

    TB38: Thanks for posting your story.

    I might add it to the "Canadiahn Tire Sucks at Tires" thread.

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