I have had multiple issues with this CT branch.

First was when I was new to vehicles and needed to purchase wiper blades for a company truck with a company credit card. I called dispatch, told them the price and was authorized that price. When I went to purchase them, they rang up at a higher price. I explained the situation and asked them to honor the price and the manager told he didnt have to. That even if (he didnt believe me they had stocked them wrong) they were on that shelf, I must have moved an entire row of wipers to save 4-6$.

To which I pointed out has absurd that sounds. He got rude, and I left, and reported it to the 1800 customer service line.

Next, I have had several bad experiences with power equipment coming from these guys. Almost any time they have a sale on an item, all they place on the floor are boxes that have obviously been opened and returned, and repacked. I made a fuss about it, was told it was fine, and it was checked, took it home to find out I was right (300$ compressor had been purchased, ran like a mule, and returned. It had discolored and burnt the guards it was ran so hot on a 50% duty cycle machine). I take it back (they exchange it) and am handed another open'd and resealed box. I vent about it, and tell them im not accepting it, they somehow find another one in better condition and we open it and check there int he store if everything is there and fine.

It drives me nuts that I can never just get an un opened, new item.......