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Thread: How do you rate Dickinson Crossing, Nanaimo, BC store?

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    How do you rate Dickinson Crossing, Nanaimo, BC store?

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    Nobody Important
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    Re: How do you rate Dickinson Crossing, Nanaimo, BC store?

    I know the employees aren't making a bundle but it's frustrating with regard to the lack of service. I went there today to buy two adult mountain bikes (approx a 500.00 sale or so). When I arrived in the bikes section there were already 3 customers there. No employees were seen for several minutes. I asked one of the other customers if they had been helped and she said "Nope". In the course of the next half hour, no less than 6 employees walked past us. Several times they were walking in twos, and didn't even look our way as they walked past. Finally I interrupted a couple walking past and asked if we could get some assistance and indicated that there were at least two other customers here before me. She said she would get someone right away, as the other salesperson turned and walked away back they way he had come! Finally I said "Forget it!" and we left and started walking out. I was almost at the the door when I thought better of leaving in silence and went to customer service and requested to speak to a manager. After 5 more minutes a kindly mature woman came up and identified herself as a manager. I explained what happened and she immediately offered to help me in the bike section. I was too steamed to shop, but I let her know that I was really miffed and this wasn't the only time. I told her she needed to send half those employees home, so they could save the money on paying people to hide out in the back or patrol the aisles in pairs. She agreed and told me nobody was in training so they shouldn't be paired up, but they always do. We drove further into town, and bought two bikes on sale at a sporting goods store, that were actually a better quality and featured bike than we intended for less! I have worked retail and these kids need training, or to be fired. Sorry Canadian Tire, you keep missing the mark.

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