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    General Incompetence

    So anyways. Another day of the office goes by. Another day done. Oh wait. A coworker goes home. Opens the mailbox. Oh a communication for the CRA. Not to worry. Income taxes have been filed. $20 submitted. No. Most likely not. Here comes the $1200 bill from the government. Yes. He hasn't paid...
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    Would not honor a Rain check

    Got a rain check for a generator on the last day of a 4 day sale. The raincheck clearly says valid at any shop within 30 days. The store at 250 Silver Linden Dr, Richmond Hill refused to honor it saying it was only valid within the 4 days..... How ridiculous !!!! Why bother to give a rain...
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    why does ct ignore the workers that tried to care

    so if you show up to work in a good mood ready for the day my experience from the three stores i have worked for in 2 different provinces you can be assured that by the end of the day you will be pissed off at something. mostly , that the harder you try the more is expected of you, and the more...