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    Kanata CT Ripoff Attempt

    My muffler was on the verge of falling off due to rusted hinges, so I decided to go to CT because it was the only place that could do it after 6 PM. Thus, I didn't have to take time off work. Suddenly the putting on hinges turned into the catalytic converter and its flange being rusted through...
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    Careful when buying online only stuff

    All about a Champion Generator I tried two 3100W Generators that i bought from Costco, they didn't power my Bosch Mitre saw properly. One of them actually stalled. Since the 3400W is only sold by CT its the only game in town there wasn't much choice. So why did i say Careful? This is an ONLINE...
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    Would not honor a Rain check

    Got a rain check for a generator on the last day of a 4 day sale. The raincheck clearly says valid at any shop within 30 days. The store at 250 Silver Linden Dr, Richmond Hill refused to honor it saying it was only valid within the 4 days..... How ridiculous !!!! Why bother to give a rain...