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    Canon_Man Arrives at the CTSF website!

    Hi Folks, Not quite sure if this is a good place for me to share information about CTC, but I thought it couldn't hurt. I'm not against Canadian Tire, but I do disagree with some of the Corp decisions they make, and have from time to time taken their Senior VP's and CEO to task over these...
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    Is it right to tag bad owners and good owners on this site???

    I'd like to have the administer start a new column good owner asshole owner here so we can all post who an what they are
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    What should CTC stand for?

    Clown Tire Care Or may be it should be We Fuck Good People Over Crapped in The Car
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    good store

    good store in general ... 2 stair the downstair is the garage and cars parts tool for car accesories and the upstair is all other stuff ....i think it was built between 1973-1977 when i was a littlle boys it was the favorite store of my father it was a big massive look alike a bunker...
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    Great site.

    I'm Roger, and I'm glad I found this sight. I'm from New Brunswick, and I hate Canadian Tire. I despise the thought of going near one. I will be posting. Good luck to all! I hope it works out...