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Thread: What every (CT) rep should know...

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    Re: What every (CT) rep should know...

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Fellow Consumers:

    When reading posts that mention the following:

    - "Jesse Ventura".
    - "600".
    - "faker advocate".
    - "donate button"

    Just mentally substitute the entire post with this:

    "Please don't 'feed' the Angry CT Troll by responding to their inflammatory, extraneous or off-topic statements. See ("

    That will make things go more smoothly for all concerned.

    Thank You, and "Don't Feed The Angry CT Troll!"
    but the ct'ers can feel free to complain about anything they don't like, lol

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    Re: What every (CT) rep should know...

    Quote Originally Posted by Guest-0110 View Post
    Why should I take pride in a corporation? Will they send me a dividend cheque if I do?
    Canadian Tire staff, for the most part, get their rocks off by being confrontational right from the get-go. They will NEVER have my business again.
    If you can't take pride in the corporation, then take some pride in having the decency to do your job well. That's what you are hired for. If you don't want to do that, or you don't like the pay, nobody if forcing you to work there. Have the integrity to either do the job properly or have enough spine to quit if it's not right for you. "Honor is the gift a man gives to himself"

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