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    Re: Ask an Employee

    Here is another question, what ISN"T made in China no a ways.. Seems no matter what you buy it seems nearly everything is now "MADE IN CHINA".

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    I work for another retailer and have noticed the amount of imported inventory from China grow. The main problem though is not in our selection but in the customer demand. Our buyers have tried trusted Canadian/American brands, but customers are unwilling to pay the price premium, so eventually the quality item is discontinued leaving us with just the imported products. L

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    Re: Ask an Employee

    I've got a question..
    How many write ups till you get fired?

    It was such a BS write up anyways... they didn't train me to do something and when I didn't do it they gave me a write up. :@
    I'm a cashier.

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    Re: Ask an Employee

    If you are still on probation, which is usually 3 months, then 3 write ups is when they would probably let you go.

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