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Spray rain boot

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I bought a pair of Mossy Oak camo swaper waterproof boot to go fishing. It leaked, so I brought it back to the CT at Meadowvale Town Centre, the stupid bitch ask me if i sprayed it before I used it? I ask her spray what? She told me that I have to spray a waterproof spray else my boot is not cover for warrantee. I told her they are rubber boot what kind of spray is goin to make it waterproof. Bitch wont exchange for me. I got pist and called customer service and they told me I can bring it back and they will refund or exchange. I went back to her right away and told her that she has to exchange for me. She gave to another girl and walked off. End up I got my exchange. But with this kind of shit, this will be the last thing I will buy or have anything to do with CT ever again. Walmart is better

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