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Thread: Canadian tire auto techs wages suck!!

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    Re: Canadian tire auto techs wages suck!!

    Quote Originally Posted by CTH8R View Post
    Yes, this is exactly the type of 'screw you', deny-deny-deny response we are used to seeing from The CTers.

    No point in arguing with an Angry Troll!
    No point in proving unrealistic posts either apparently.

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    Re: Canadian tire auto techs wages suck!!

    Repuda seems real enough for me, on CT's Facebook page:

    Patricia M.: yes this is the norm for Canadian Tire. Spend millions on making themselves look good to cover their lies..It would be cheaper to be honest..Give my husband his severance pay after 10 yrs service..He had a stroke at work, they sent him home.Come on where is your heart.. problem is all this generosity is a tax break and publicity ..paying him or making good to people on here is just cash out of pocket....True Canadians are generous and caring people..

    Patricia M.: Canadian Tire please feel free to email me. We want to help you to resolve this issue as soon as possiable ty..

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    Re: Canadian tire auto techs wages suck!!

    Over the years I worked at many CT stores as a mechanic.I have stories that would make your hair stand up.First I have to say that many of the posters who claim to be CT mechanics are not.For another mechanic it is easy to see from what they have to say.and how they say it.Most mechanics have moved on if they are any good at all.So all thats left working at CT are the barrel scrapings .A few long timers afraid to leave and a bunch of unlicensed hacks who shouldnt touch anyones car.CT should be worried all the real EX CT mechanics get on a website like this and spill their guts.

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