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Thread: If its A crime to rip someone off why can ct do it?

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    Re: If its A crime to rip someone off why can ct do it?

    The corporation hands out the award. The latest award was $5000.
    These awards come from a number of reason:

    1. Mystery shoppers (Outside company)
    2. Customers who either email, call, or write into customer relations about their experiences with a particular store.
    3. Sales

    My store comes mainly from Customers and second being Mystery shoppers as there could perhaps be 5-6 mystery shops in any given 1 year.

    If the experience at your local CT is not up to this standard then it is because of management who are not training, MANAGING their staff as they should.

    Work should be a fun experience. You should enjoy your job and if you feel it's WORK/JOB in that sense especially in retail, then you likely won't share that "fun, enthusiastic, enjoyable" experience with your customers.

    My staff are always told to bring flyers with them to make it easy to help customers out, to walk customers to the aisles and to look where the yellow deal signs. This all in hopes that customers can be helped out faster and more efficiantly without having the need to search all over looking for where the product is placed.

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    Re: If its A crime to rip someone off why can ct do it?

    It's too bad there aren't more managers with your outlook. Web sites like this wouldn't exist, and I would gladly support a business with management that have attitudes such as yours. Sadly, in my region, stores as well managed as yours seems to be (and I have no reason to believe it isn't, given your constructive, intelligent replies to sometimes unpleasant posts) few and far between...

    Good job!

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    Re: If its A crime to rip someone off why can ct do it?

    Quote Originally Posted by CT_MANAGER View Post
    We ask nothing that is not expected.. Common sense,

    1. We want a receipt
    - Know that you indeed are the purchaser
    - When it was purchased
    - How much you paid
    - What store it was purchased at (if not stocked as current store we need to know what store to ship it to!)
    - What tender you purchased with
    - In order for US to get our credit back, we HAVE to have a receipt to foreclose with the manufacture.

    2. Photo ID.
    - If you are returning 20 products a week, something is wrong and seems quite obvious not due to defects.
    - If there is fraud, we want to ensure we know who it is.

    We ask nothing that is quite OPEN to the public.. Your name, address, and postal code.. PRIVATE? Have you ever looked in your MAILBOX?? Every letter sent to you had that exact information.

    What about when we ask for photoID for credit cards with no signature? Are you going to argue as to WHY you should show ID??? It's for YOUR PROTECTION!

    There are SO much dishonest people!

    1. Those of you who buy chains and expect us to return it once you used it to get over the patrol.
    2. Returning auto battery chargers/power packs after you use it to your own usage as a LOAN and expect us to take it back!
    3. Using a vacuum and claiming you never used it only to discover a WAD of cat fur in the filter and when we deny the return you argue and lie to our faces about suddenly you HAVE used it and you wonder why we don't believe anything you say after that.
    4. Those of you who open up our SEALED products, lay it all over the floor, WITHOUT EVEN THINKING HOW TO EVEN GET IT BACK IN THE BOX, then you take a NEW sealed box and leave US the opened one now at a COST to us because NO ONE will buy it!

    Literally every single day we are trying repackage and figure out what to do with the bunch of 10-12pc. Kitchen aid sets that sell for $699!!!

    So if anyone is to be angry with anyone, it's CANADIAN TIRE! The staff, the managers, the dealers.. It's true, we do seem to put up with MORE crap than most anyone else!

    We give you 3 MONTHS to return UNUSED, UNOPENED Products (resellable condition)... Who else does? Not many..

    You still expect us to replace OLD, BEAT UP, BROKEN UP, SCRAPED UP, mastercraft measuring tapes CLAIMING they are defective!?!!?????

    That right there is FRAUD..

    So perhaps stop complaining about what we are FORCED to do and concentrate and making a CHANGE to your shopping habits.
    Bang on. Great post.

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    Re: If its A crime to rip someone off why can ct do it?

    [QUOTE=CT_MANAGER;1227]We ask nothing that is not expected.. Common sense,

    I now live in an isolated area and the only place to get a bike within about 4 hours is CT. After being burned by their automotive staff many years ago I stopped giving them my business. I thought it might be different now and just needed a bike to ride around the block a few times to get in shape so I broke down and bought one.

    It's 9 hours later and I now own a piece of junk that can't be returned. I took it for a quick test drive around the block and the chain popped three times, the gears were girding and skipping the entire time and it is completely awkward to ride. Phoned the store and was told they don't return bikes and that there is a sign next to the bike rack stating all sales are final (my fault for missing it but would have been nice if the cashier had also let me know or if the receipt hadn't stated I have 90 days to return). As for fixing it she told me that they have no way of knowing if someone else had ridden the bike that may have been too heavy, so the repairs would be at my expense. I have a feeling some kid is putting the bikes together in the back without any proper training and makes me wonder how much longer before something else breaks and how much that will cost.

    The worst thing in the whole situation is that I knew I shouldn't have bought anything from CT (common sense), I just thought for $250 I could get a bike that could be ridden more than once before it breaks.

    You got me again CT! I will be sure to spread the word that your bikes are junk and the return policy is well.....there isn't one.

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    Re: If its A crime to rip someone off why can ct do it?


    Like ALL bicycles, cables MUST be stretched. That is why there is a 30 day adjustment period. The bicycles ARE adjusted before shipped to the stores however there are a lot of customers who don't realize that you can't shift gears WITHOUT spinning the wheels and chain. Literally everytime I am beside a customer looking at a bicycle, they try out the shifters on the spot without any wheel/chain movement and that right there just stretched out the cables.

    But personally out of the uncommon sale of bicycles in canadian tire, it shouldn't be a surprize that there isn't usually any bicycle mechanic on scene at stores.. Selling a couple bikes a week doesn't warrant the cost to have a bicycle mechanic on scene. As a result, bicycles are usually built at the warehouse, shipped over.. and once an adjustment is required within the 30 days, the bicycle is sent to the warehouse to adjust.

    That is precisely I personally would say to buy your bicycles at a BIKE SHOP where there are mechanics on scene.

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