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Thread: Getting Free Stuff From CTC - Legally!

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    Kel Varntson
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    Re: Getting Free Stuff From CTC - Legally!

    Since I don't shop at Canadian Tire anymore, I wouldn't know what they're like with respect to the Scanning Code of Practice. I do know, however, that quite a few staff members in different retailers I have encountered will try to give you the item at the lower price, in the hope that you aren't cognizant of the SCOP.
    It's a dead giveaway that they know what they're doing when, after conducting a price check, they tell you something like, "Oh, okay, I'll key it in at $x.xx" and then you speak up and say that it should be free and they get this expression on their face like they've been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

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    Re: Getting Free Stuff Legally!


    People are stupid - BC scanning is very inaccurate. If people paid attention and check their bills they could save $$$

    I am a former CTC employess and I can vouch for the fact that the pricing errors is a function of the store teams ability to perform the SOP (standard operating procedures). Some stores are bad and most are good.

    I can tell you that PartSource (owned by CTC) is also bound by the same corporate scanning policy and they have major pricing issues with their POS system and pricing.

    If you need auto stuff go to PartSource and check the price shelf labels against the scanned price.

    Also, I get a ton of stuff from Loblaws. Almost every time I shop there I get a discount or item because teh price is marked wrong. I jot the price down on each item as I put it in my cart.

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    Re: Getting Free Stuff From CTC - Legally!

    Is this a Bait & Switch complaint? Or a SCOP complaint? A bit of both?

    Marni D.: I'm not impressed that Canadian Tire Smithers won't honor SCOP. They used every excuse from SCOP not to be used on sale items to our flyers are different from other CT stores. According to the manager I was viewing a Terrace flyer so that sale price wouldnt be effective there . They told my husband who was trying to deal with this for me by telling him that he was using an internet flyer. I tried to deal with this over the phone saying that the internet AND flyer both said the same sale price. Nope. Different stores..different prices.

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