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Thread: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    Quote Originally Posted by 1wildhorse View Post
    ooh actually you said something very said that there are many documents that state quite clearly that retailers have no obligation whatsoever to refund your me ONE that actually relates to faulty goods(and no canadian tire owners handbook does not qualify)
    Refunds & Exchanges - BBB News Center
    Service Alberta: Common Questions - Consumer Information

    To make it easy for's a sample of what you will read
    Q.7 I bought a stereo and it doesn't work, but the store won't give me my money back. Can they do that?
    A.It is important that you find out the seller's policy on repairs and returns before you buy. If the product has a warranty, review the terms and conditions to find out who will be responsible for repairs or replacement. If you encounter problems with a product and the business does not honour their posted repair or refund policy, you can file a complaint. If a product warranty is not being honoured, you can file a complaint. Depending on the nature and value of the loss, you may also want to consult legal counsel.

    note: defective good. yes. you can file a complaint if the store does not honour THEIR REFUND OR RETURN POLICY. Who's setting the policy? me. If my policy says repair, it's repair. if i don't honour it, then you have legal recourse.

    Should i check the other provinces or are the two biggest enough for you to understand?

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    Interesting how, in one post, The Moaner tries to sound like a regular hard working' Joe, but actually come across as arrogant ancpd conceited! LOL!

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    In facing the challenge to back his claims that "there are many documents that state clearly that refunds are not law", I expect he will once against trot out that Better Business Bureau site that quotes the out-of-date Ontario law, which was superceded by the Consumer Protection Act.

    Aother imagine he will post policies about unwanted goods that function perfectly.

    Let the next round of Crappy Tire's misrepresentations begin!

    But in the end, we will grow old waiting for The Moaner to provide any credible evidence to back their ridiculous and misleading claims.

    This is reminiscent of the claim that there is an 'easily located' list of warranties for every single automotive battery sold in Canadian, proving (somehow) that Crappy Tire sells the battery with the "Best In The Business" warranty (whatever that means). Still waiting!

    And what about those claims from a year ago, that CT return policies had become more lenient, when they "changed ways that some refunds can be given to customers". Still waiting for that, too!

    Lots of talk. Lots of claims.

    But any credible evidence?


    Pocket-lining Troll!
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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    funnily enough i didnt actually have any kind of predetermined outcome when i chose to start this just looking at hypotheses.and in all honesty i dont have a predetermined outcome now.what you have done(finally),is to actually do some proper digging and i applaud you for that.
    i believe the crux of what you are saying hinges on what actually constitutes a defective product.
    anyway you will be pleased im sure to note that none of what has been said actually has any relevent bearing on my personal case.
    i bought a generator.
    it quit working
    i got it fixed(yes at the authorised service centre)
    it quit again.(i believe there is something that says that if a product breaks down within 3 months after repair then that would constitute a defective product)
    2 months later i got it back
    it lasted 6 days.
    not only would your company not refund or exchange the product,you refused to even repair it anymore.and THAT is what led to the complaint being filed.
    the fact that the thing never lasted more than 2 weeks at any given time makes me think i could quite happily argue that it is DEFECTIVE,and even after 2 repairs already carried out on it quit yet which point my statutory rights were diminished by yourselves.
    i would have grounds for complaint wouldnt you agree.

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    ok lets look at the definition of defect.
    an imperfection, quite often so great that the machinery or written document cannot be used. A car that will not run or has faulty brakes has a defect, and so does a deed in which a party who signed the deed to give over property did not have title to the property. There are also minor defects, like scratches that only lessen value, but do not make an object useless.
    hmm i am going to have to study this a little longer.basically what it says is a product that has an imperfection.often something so great that it cannot be used.seems pretty obvious to me.i guess the next stage will be to break down the terms of cpa/soga to see if a defective product actually has to go for repair according to you.ill have a look later.
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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    seems like there is some ambiguity here.
    Things to Know Before you Complain -
    on one hand they say
    The only case where a consumer has the absolute right to a return is when there is a defect in the product.
    then they go on to say
    Defective Products

    Obviously, consumer goods cannot last a lifetime, but they should work as promised under normal use when purchased. Most consumer goods carry a time limited guarantee.

    If the product is defective you can ask:

    that the product be repaired;
    if it cannot be repaired, that it be replaced; or,
    if the product cannot be repaired or replaced, that a refund be provided.

    seems like we have a grey area that you guys are only too well aware of.

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    YOu will note in each of the Province records that I copied the link to, it says a consumer should find out in advance of a purchase what the warranty is, who is responsible for the repair etc..... They also clearly state that no law dictates that a retailer must refund your money under any circumstance, but most retailers in the name of customer satisfaction do indeed offer refunds or credits under certain provisions. From Coast to coast the terminology used in each province is almost verbatim. I know you want to accuse me of spreading misinformation but it's not the case. Millions of dollars are at stake in the successful and legal operation of my store, and hundreds of others stores every day. Of course I work to understand the rules. Why would I Put it all at risk over a few thousand bucks which is give or take what repairs amount to every year? It wouldn't make any sense.

    The rules are very clear. If the retailers and/or manufacturer sets out a repair warranty at time of purchase, that is what you get. You are not entitled to a refund if the retailers policy says so. Again, if it can not be repaired or can not be repaired in a reasonable amount of time, then yes you should be entitled to a refund or replacement. That's what I've said the whole time. IN fact if we rewind the clock, I even said that in the case of your generator, based on the details you've provided, a refund seems reasonable. Why you've turned that into a bash Canadian Tire and all of us owners, all of the employees, executives etc.... is beyond me. That's something only you can answer to yourself when you look in the mirror.

    Some examples of defects and the differences between them.
    A bicycle has a bad wheel bearing. It's got a defect, yes. It comes back, it gets a new bearing it goes back to the customer. No charge, covered under warranty, no refund.
    A TV has a bad switch, preventing it from being turned on or off or channel change. It goes for repair, it comes back to the customer under warranty, no refund.
    Snow blower has a defective drive train for the wheels. goes out for repair. Vendor can't obtain parts. Customer gets a new unit or a refund because it's defective beyond reasonable use.

    As far as me being a normal Joe or not a normal Joe....well that's for each individual to decide. I don't flash around in Armani suits zipping around town in a Bentley. I hack around the golf course with whoever I get paired up with, I play beer league hockey with construction guys, fire fighters, doctors and small business owners around the area. My house is in a neighbourhood next to a retired couple that travels all winter and a young couple with young kids. I grocery shop in jeans and a golf shirt, mow the lawn, walk the dog around the park i'm just a guy. I just happened to own one of the largest stores here, and am well known for it. I have a brain made for business, and have found a company that allows me the freedom and chance to do what I do well, serve people in my community every day, and build an awesome lifestyle doing it. If you choose to hold that against me because you have a personal grudge against everything Canadian Tire, that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with your own personal limitations.

    And since it would appear you've now ran into some serious opposition on your "illegal policy" claim, based on what I've posted yesterday, you're back to our return policy and battery warranty LOL come on man. You're just looking for something, anything. Let me give you a hint. Canadian Tire now offers refund cards for items returned without a receipt. Previously, no receipt typically meant, you may not get anything back.

    I just continue to shake my head at why anyone on the street would operate as if they know more about my business, my customers, and the laws by which I am bound to operate within....then ME! That's like me trying to explain to Tiger Woods why he hasn't won a Major in many years. lol

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    <mod edit> removed duplicate content </mod edit)
    I work hard and I know my fellow owners do too. Most of us are in our stores 6 days a week, and connecting in to order and things when we are home or travelling. Hard work lets me play hard yah I take the luxuries I've been afforded because of my hard work. We aren't super hero's, we are humans just like you. Not everyone likes me, not everyone likes my business, but not everyone likes you either. That's human nature. I have a brain made for business, and have found a company that allows me the freedom and chance to do what I do well, serve people in my community every day, and build an awesome lifestyle doing it. If you choose to hold that against me because you have a personal grudge against everything Canadian Tire, that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with what you perceive.

    It seems to me that having run into a roadblock in your illegal policy claim, given the information I've posted for you to review, you've now reverted back to your old refund policy and battery claim. You don't have to nor do I expect you to trust what I say. I just happen to know that there is not a battery warranty in the Canadian market that is longer then MotoMaster batteries. As far as the returns policy, we now offer a thing called a refund card. Same as Home Depot does. No receipt, returning a new item, you can get a refund card spendable at any CT store for the value of the item. Previously, you may not have received anything.

    I continue to shake my head at why anyone, any person at all off the street as a consumer would position themselves as knowing more about my business, my policies, my stores, my customers and all of the laws that operating my business is governed by. Who on earth could possibly know more about that stuff then me... an owner. It's what we do for a living, every day. Almost 500 of us. Individually and collectively I guarantee, hands down that we have more knowledge about this stuff then you could ever inherit.

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    Re: "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    if even webpages contradict themselves how the hell do we know what the truth is?
    i think i am going to churn out the page from the canadian BAR accociation again
    Buying Defective Goods
    There are four implied terms when you buy new goods
    In BC, the Sale of Goods Act says there are four implied terms, called “conditions,” that exist in particular contracts for the purchase and sale of new items. If the seller breaks the condition or doesn’t carry out a condition of the contract, then you (the buyer) have the right to reject the goods and cancel the contract. You’re entitled to get back the money you paid, plus compensation for any extra expenses caused by the defective goods.
    so assuming the definition of defective goods is correct i.e. they dont work,then it seems clear.but hell there is soooo much ambiguity here.

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