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Thread: Collecting ID and Personal Information

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    Re: Collecting ID and Personal Information

    An interesting post on Facebook. He doesn't realize he was lucky to even be offered a refund!

    Jeff-Jay E.:

    This is an issue I had this morning from a well known company here in Canada called Canadian Tire where I went to return a defective stapler and they would not give me my money back UNLESS I HAD PHOTO ID... you heard me right. I have the receipt and the product in it's original packaging. They demanded I give them my PERSONAL INFO. I REFUSED. I EMAILED THEIR HOME OFFICE AND THIS IS THE CRAP I GOT FROM THEM:

    Dear Jeff S.:,

    Thank you for contacting our office expressing your concerns.

    Canadian Tire, like other retailers in Canada, is well within its rights to collect and retain names, addresses and telephone numbers in order to deter theft and fraud. While the overwhelming majority of our customers are honest, a small percentage of customers are not. As a result, retailers do have to take precautions to combat the problem of fraudulent merchandise returns, which is a significant issue in retail that increases costs for all customers.

    Canadian Tire is aware of the trust that our customers place in us and we want to assure you that we do not share your personal information and we have strong controls in place to protect your personal information.

    We thank you for providing us with the opportunity to respond.

    Corporate Customer Relations
    Canadian Tire Corporation Limited

    This message, including any attachments, is privileged and may contain confidential information intended only for the person(s) named above. If you are not the intended recipient or have received this message in error, please notify the sender immediately by reply email and permanently delete the original transmission from the sender, including any attachments, without making a copy. Thank you.

    I Hope anyone who reads this and thinks this is wrong calls them or emails them @ and even include this email if you want and give them hell for this invasive intrusive rules. ... pass this on please! or whatever LOL
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