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Thread: Crappy Tire's Financial State

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    Quote Originally Posted by Owner 1 View Post
    Moaner gave a sarcastic "Good Job" to this headline, apparently just because the title says "Closing Stores", but without bothering to actually read the story.

    So typical of the lazy and misleading Moaner.

    Take a look. Yes, 10 stores will close. But 25 will be opened in their place - hardly a net reduction, LOL!

    Sure, they'll be smaller stores, but that's a deliberate marketing strategy. Net expected job loss: zero.

    Net expected revenue change? A $40 billion INCREASE by 2014!

    Oh, so how were Rona sales, compared to a year ago? Mr. Moaner says they "took it on the chin", so sales must be down, right? Actually, "sales rose 2.6%" (which is almost as much as Crappy Tire - and they did it without systematically cheating customers on return policies!)

    Shame on you, Moaner, for trying to deceive consumers on this story!

    Great job, Rona! Thanks for giving us a Canadian alternative to Crappy Tire for hardware!

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    Golly, check it OUT!

    Canadian Tire to shut 115 FGL stores | Money | Toronto Sun

    For a second there, I got all excited, thinking they were closing actual Crappy Tire "Red Triangle of Crap" stores.

    But alas, they'll only be closing some crappy sports store that the 'geniuses' at CT bought, a while back (and took on a billion in debt in the bargain, LOL!)

    I guess I should 'forget' to mention anything about the new stores they plan to open, the way The Moaner forgot all about the 25 new, smaller Rona stores, LOL!

    (But unlike the Rona move, there will be a net LOSS of stores, staff, etc. LMAO!)

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    I gotta love Crappy Tires "Super-Duper Expansion Plan".

    Step 1: Ignore Target's example of refusing to buy under-performing stores.
    Step 2: Buy 150 under-performing stores.
    Step 3: Close 150 under-performing stores.
    Step 4: Tell the world about your awesome "Expansion Plan"!


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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    No estimate yet on what it cost Crappy Tire to buy these 150 underperforming stores.

    But the estimate to sell them?

    $26 Million!


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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    Despite their on-going practice of denying reasonable returns, sales growth at the Crappy Tire stores are up only a crappy 1%, LMAO!

    You'd think that by keeping more of their customers' money locked up in the tills, they'd at least show a healthy profit from their deceptive practices.

    "Retail sales at its namesake Canadian Tire stores were up one per cent ..."

    And don't be fooled by the picture of a Crappy Tire store in the article. The only thing that saved their butts were the businesses they've bought out (like Marks, and Sport Chek" - store that they haven't yet managed to run into the ground, LOL!). And probably their credit cards and gas stations (as in other quarters). Yes, the Business units that the public don't usually see, and don't associate with Crappy Tire, are the ones that keep them afloat.

    Actually, I'm encouraged by this trend. Their 'namesake' stores can gradually fade away, as the corporation diverges into other areas, and consumers will be safer in the long-run. I like that idea!

    Canadian Tire revenue up 16% - Business - CBC News

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    Congratulations, "Red Triangle of Crap" stores!

    "Retail sales at Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) increased 0.3% and same store sales declined by 0.2% in the quarter. Canadian Tire saw strong growth in key categories such as backyard living, outdoor recreation and kitchen as a result of increased marketing efforts and new assortments. The increase was partially offset by decreases in categories that were de-emphasized such as electronics, home décor and household cleaning. Continued softness in the automotive market contributed to a decline in auto service and related parts sales in the quarter."

    You must all be SO proud of your "spectacular" 0.3% boost to sales!

    Good thing you borrowed all that money to buy over-priced Forzani, to show you how a store ought to be run.

    I'm sure Moaner 1 will be along soon to tell us all why this is all actually GREAT news!


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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    Be sure and read more "great news" here:

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    It's not closley related to what goes on in their crappy Red Triangle stores, but CTC also boosted its dividend almost 17%, presumably to make their stock more attractive. Yet the crappy shares (TSX:CTC.A) still fell $1.76 to $69.40.

    Qarterly net earnings fell to $131.4-million or $1.61 per diluted share, compared with $136.5-million or $1.67 per diluted share a year ago.

    Read more:
    Last edited by CT Challenger; November 8th, 2012 at 07:58 PM.

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    You flip flop like crazy depending on the particular news

    last quarter the success was in your words due to Forzani. This time it's overpriced again LOL
    Which is it?

    Surely not the Corporations best quarter, a mere $131 million profit. Of course we want it to be better and auto to perform better. Good thing business is measured as a whole, as in auto, housewares, seasonal, sports and tools.

    There's one important factor you forget each quarter, this is ONLY the Corporations profit. Add to that hundreds of thousands of dollars per dealer across the Country. Just sayin....

    I am also quite intrigued by the information related to Rememberance Day. Although none of what you're doing is actually posted here, it's all posted on a FaceBook because well your site here has no visitors or participants, that's a sidebar.
    I went to HOme Depot Canada website and what's on the front page, Christmas Trees. Interesting - pages all decorated with Christmas decorations.

    Then I got to thinking. This is the first time I have ever seen people this upset about Rememberance Day and how it relates to Christmas retailing. So I bounce it off some of my Dealer friends. An interesting point came out. ALberta is under 2 feet of snow right now and has been for a week. How do you safely hang Christmas lights in such poor conditions? Is an early start to the season THAT bad?

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    Re: Crappy Tire's Financial State

    Of course on a much brighter note of major Canadian Retailers...

    Rona president-CEO stepping down after 20 years | CTV News

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