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Thread: another CT return policy sucks example

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    Re: another CT return policy sucks example

    The pattern just keeps repeating.

    The Crappy People, like Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy, keep posting ridiculous claims, or make statements without anything to back it up.

    Some claims, like "best in the business" can't even be proven.

    But we see time after time Consumers posting proof of their claims, or at the very least evidence.

    Many claims like, "all stores have the same damn policies" have already been disproven.

    It's important to remember: this is a site for consumers to share opinions, resources and ideas.

    There is nothing we need to prove to the Crappy People.

    Not that they'd listen, anyway.

    Which is fine with me: it's the consumers I want to educate, not the Crappy People.

    It's Crappy's own funeral, if they don't want to listen.

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    Re: another CT return policy sucks example

    Despite all the noise for the Angry CT People, they still haven't gotten around the basics in Post #3:


    Count yourself lucky that you go any satisfaction at all on the first inflatable mattress.

    Crappy Tire sell many products with "no warranty", including inflatable items. That means Crappy Tire won't even send it out for repair, if it's defective. You are stuck with a dud - to bad, so sad. See this thread:

    If the mattress instead had the better (but still awful) "repair only" policy, then Crappy Tire would at least help you get it fixed, but they could still refused to even exchange it. So, you lucked out on the first one.

    See this thread for details:

    Instead, you caught a break (sort of) and they only imposed the "exchange only" policy on this product, so at least you could get a second on that inflates.

    If you really want to push for a refund, one the basis that they sold you a defective product, have a look at this thread:

    But consumers report having to sue the store to get their refunds - might not be worth the costs.

    Next time: shop somewhere else, where their policy is to stand behind what they sell!

    Luckily, every other major retailer has better policies!

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    Re: another CT return policy sucks example

    You know what? They're making their customers into liars & thieves, but that's what they want. If you have a broken item, buy a new one, swap parts, and bring it back saying I didn't like it, then they can deal with their broken items and you'll have your new one. I did it, and because of their bull, I'm proud of it.

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    Re: another CT return policy sucks example

    Certainly Crappy Tire has created this situation for themselves. Instead of having decent policies (like all the other major retailers do), they came up with their own, weird "return only" or "exchange only" policies.

    That's bad enough, but then they keep avoiding the need to warn consumers about what they've done. So people don't realize how bad things really are over at the Red Triangle of Crap.

    The soon-to-be-ex-customers only find out the real deal, when they show up at the Returns desk, expecting a refund. That's when they learn for the first time how different things have become at Crappy Tire.

    Some consumers are very rule-abiding, and will suffer with the defective item, promising to never shop there again - the price of an education in Crappiness.

    Other people will spot the loop-holes in time, and realize they can get satisfaction, but only if they are dishonest. They'll see it as "what's good for the goose is good for the gander": when the store springs a nasty surprise on them, they will decide it's time to play dirty, too.

    You'd think Crappy Tire would just step up to the plate, clean up their own mess, and provide some decent policies, so they can stand behind what they sell.

    But the really smart people will realize it's not worth it to shop there at all.

    Because if you lie down with dogs, you might just get up with fleas.
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    Re: another CT return policy sucks example


    CT sold me a portable air conditioner for over $600.00 on May 4, 2012 AND IT LASTED 10 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! All Canadian Tire did was give me a phone number when I asked them what they were going to do about it. CT SHOVE YOUR PHONE NUMBER WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE. I WILL NEVER, NEVER, EVER, SHOP THEIR AGAIN AND PEOPLE IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WON'T EITHER.

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