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Thread: Web ordering trap!

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    Web ordering trap!

    I ordered some tires Dec. 23 from the website
    recieved conformation the tires were shipped on Dec. 29
    Jan.13 called the store they didn't know anything, nothing showed up here, we will call when they get here ( a blow off call)
    Jan.18 called the store directed to service dept. I haven't seen anything, give me your number I'll check and call you back #2 blow off call never called back
    Jan.19 called internet ordering put on hold waited 10 min. hung up
    Jan.19 called again on hold 5 mins gave them order number told they would investigate and call back. I tried to cancel the order was told THEY CAN'T CANCEL AN ORDER ONCE ITS PLACED

    I'm in limbo out $1400
    already paid for tires I could walk into Fountain tire and have the same day, its -30 here and winter conditions
    I need my tires!

    will update as the Saga continues

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    Re: Web ordering trap!

    Thanks for the report. We haven't heard much yet on the level of customer support on the (partly) re-launched web site.

    But not a surprise that they are screwing it up, LOL!

    If you paid by credit card, and haven't gotten what you've already paid for, you can contact the credit card company for a 'charge back'.

    The company will want you to contact the merchant, which you've been doing, and the minimum time to wait is typically 30 days.

    Something to think about for Monday morning.

    Let the Crappy People figure out what to do with the crappy tires, if and when they ever show up!

    Plus, they just HATE charge-backs - could be fun!
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    Re: Web ordering trap!

    This is interesting, too:

    15 Ways to Prevent Chargebacks - Non-qualified Credit Receipts

    "chargebacks can be anywhere from $10-$50" - no wonder they don't like it!

    "chargebacks can be anywhere from $10-$50" - so, just printing it on the back of the receipt, isn't enough. Or hiding it under the "Easy Returns - Just Keep The Receipt" sign!

    Good Luck!

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    Re: Web ordering trap!

    The tires have landed! the internet "ordering Manager" put a tracer on the order they found the tires had been delivered to the store and were "improperly recieved" the tires were put in into regular stock, they wouldn't tell how long they were lost.

    Long story short in typical CT style when I phoned the store I got the goaway I'm busy treatment bumped over to someone else who said they would look for this order and call me back then never did.

    The easist way to get rid of a customer without any expended effort is to either tell what they want hear so they go away or tell them they don't have what they are looing for

    IE where are the screwdrivers? "sorry I don't think we sell those anymore" than walk away quickly

    Now to finish my quest for tires I have to go THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT what lies ahead..........

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