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Thread: Sold me a broken bike.

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    Re: Sold me a broken bike.

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    I am very sorry to hear what happened with your bicycle. I don't agree with Canadian Tire's policy on bicycles and many of the return policies. Looking at the pictures I tried to see what would cause the pedal to come loose. I repaired bicycles in my day and can say that there is likely one of two reasons for the pedal to come off:

    1. Cross threaded (Can't tell by the pic, but are the threads striped?)
    2. The pedal arm was threaded with the WRONG threading. Pedals are threaded backwards just like a saw blade on a circular saw. If it were not, then it would come loose as you pedal forward. Now for it come loose in such a short amount of time, it almost appears perhaps the threads are wrong and rather than keeping TIGHT when you pedal, the clockwise motion of cranking is loosening the pedal.

    Also. what does it say on the RIGHT pedal. Look at the end of the axle. Do you see "R" or "L"?

    I find this very amusing that a CT Manager claims to disagree with the policy of his employer. I hope you would put more effort into trying to change your store policy than you did in the lame excuses you listed. Really, you believe there was a threading issue??? Here's my story.

    I bought what seems to be the same bike from CT. I went for a 20 minute ride and my pedal came off as well! Upon checking the threads, they matched, however as it broke free from the arm, it ripped first three threads from the original pedal, so I could not reuse it. Yes CT Manager, my L&R pedals were on the proper sides. I returned to CT and started to get much the same run around as the others, so shut them up before they expended too much verbal diarrhea. I ended up buying a package of two replacement pedals (for ($12) and putting the new one on myself (properly).
    Since then, I put about 20 km on the bike and today I have a new problem. It appears there may be a problem with the rear axel. Simply put, if the wheel turns, so does the chain sprockets and pedals!!! Its as though the assembly is seized? IF ANYONE HAS ANY IDEAS HOW TO FIX THIS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW.
    I have always been a CT supporter, but after reading the above posts and considering my experience with the pedal, I think I will follow suit and chant CT Sucks.

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    Re: Sold me a broken bike.

    Sorry to hear of your loss at the hand of Craapy Tire. We are told there are CT stores out there that try to provide customer service, but mostly they seem to be rip-offs, like yours.

    There are consumers ministries that can help, and you can sue under legislation, but it might not be worth it for a few hundred dollars.

    I'd like to post your story here, as a warning:

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