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Thread: Repairs At Canadian Tire?

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    Repairs At Canadian Tire?

    My issue with Store going on for over 8 months, who should I contact to fix my car,
    I went to Canadian tire shop for oil change and boy who took my van in the shop scratched. I talk to manager she apology and buff my van which clear some minor scratches but asked me to contact manager. Talk to manager he said bring 2 estimates from body shop . I took two estimate, then manager told me its too much, I will ask my Manager he told me to go to his auto body shop, I went there they give am about price , then this manager told me I will ask GM of store... After all those months GM said I will take some picture and ask my insurance company, his fina
    Resolution was that it was not cause by his guy,,,,l and offer me $200 , body shop estimate was from $1200 to &1500 , and It was surprise for me who GM can change story and told me it done not done by his guy....I like to have some one look into this mater
    I can be reach at 416 -919-0872


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    Re: Repairs At Canadian Tire?

    It looks like you might have to sue them to get anything back. Several examples on this site and on CANLII site. You'll need some good evidence that they caused the damage.

    After you look at all the cases, you'll realize it's not worth the risk to let these bozos have control of your vehicle for one minute.

    (One of my Favourite stories is the one where the Crappy "Mechanic" locked the customer's keys in the car, but wasn't competent enough is get them out, then wanted the customer to pay for the locksmith the C.M. had to hire! LMAO!)

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    Re: Repairs At Canadian Tire?

    Manager accepting and apology to me not enough.... Just like you to ask your manager on duty
    Let me know who should I contact higher authority

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    Re: Repairs At Canadian Tire?

    Please let me know who should I contact at Canadian tire corporate office to take my matter at highest level? I always shop at CT but after this service I have to think if CT care about. Customer. Remember one customer is enough to bring company down ... Just study companies without customer service are just history in modern times. Now I am not asking about customer service it's about take care of customer's car when yor guys take it in for oil change .... Still waiting some one to contact me. Thanks

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    Re: Repairs At Canadian Tire?


    I don't know any special numbers at CT Corporate. Their web page for contacts is here:

    Contact Us

    This Ellen Roseman give the name "Akshata Kalyanpur" as a spokesman: How to get a refund from Canadian Tire - Blogs

    Remember not to sue the corporation, because each store is privately owned. Instead, you have to sue the specific store.

    Lots of complaints about Crappy Tire's crappy vehicle repairs. Here's just one such site:

    Canadian Tire Automotive: Cheaters Canada

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    Re: Repairs At Canadian Tire?

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    Re: Repairs At Canadian Tire?

    we hear you wayne join the club!

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