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Thread: Customer Complaints on

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    Customer Complaints on

    I'd like to start a thread, just on this topic.

    Here's the first installment, from last night at


    Sometimes I like to go to the Crappy Tire facebook page, to read all the complaints. Hiliarious!

    You gotta be pretty quick though - the CT internet peons like to come through and scrub off all the stories about incompetence and crappy return policies.

    Here are a couple I saw today - on their own site, LOL! I guess they must all be "Faker Advocates" - pretty funny!

    "Ron Coldham What happens when it doesn't work properly, you try to return it, and all CT will give you is a store credit? Then mom can spend that money on all those auto supplies she craves. Worst Mothers' Day ever. Thanks again, CT. Thanks again."

    Did we predict that, or what! LMAO!

    "Barry Fletcher Canadian Tire Ft McMurray has the worst service in the country".

    Actually, they are all pretty bad, Barry. You've been warned!

    "Kory Hopp Do NOT buy 4cyl gas troybuilt weedeater its pure junk dose not start right and trimmer line dose not work right! NEVER buy troy built products!"

    Guess what, Kory? It's NEVER buy from Crappy Tire!

    "Korine Labelle If you love your mom you will get her anything BUT something from Canadian tire!! Worst customer service and products anywhere."

    Good call, Korine! Good call!

    And one more, which is my personal favourite:

    "Earl Willison Canadian Tire is the worse store going they dont honor their warranties at all"

    Well said, Earl!

    And how do the peons at respond to these complaints? One of two ways: they either post, "Please contact our customer service as we would like to assist you further" or else "strong customer service is important, we would like to hear more personally"

    Way to seize that opportunity to get off your butts and actually DO something, Crappy Tire!

    Way to leverage that social media!


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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Lot of the comments are about the crappy facebook page itself, and how it doesn't even work right. Sounds a lot like, LOL!

    Here's another one that got missed last night.

    May 28th, Shaun Lafrance:

    "An 85 year old man was told by a Canadian tire employee to stop complaining and muttering about it. We had the displeasure of visiting your location in Arnprior, On and to be served by Joe. My grandfather had gone in to look for a part for his tiller and was told by joe they don't have it. As an 85 year old man would do, ask why would you sell the product and not simple parts to repair them. Joe says, well we don't have it so it is what it is. Joe offered to get us a phone number where we could call to get the part. As we were walking to the cash, my grandfather says to me, I don't under why they don't carry it? Joe looks at him and says in a very sarcastic voice, why do you keep muttering about this, we don't have it, it is what it is. Wow, wonderful service! So we left the store, my grandfather insulted and confused as to why someone would be so rude. So I went back into the store to remind Joe that speaking to an elderly person was NOT ok and that this would not end here. Now I have contacted your head office and no reply, no I have taken this to social media so that others may know about this. I would like someone to get back to me and please explain this VERY inappropriate behavior and how this will be delt with."

    The Crappy People said, "contact about this? We will be in touch." Sounds good, right?

    But then Shaun wrote, "I have already. I have not received a response." So typical of Crappy Tire!

    That's not the end of it, though. Two days later, Shaun wrote:

    "Well look at that, I contact customer service and what do I get as a response? Call the store. Wow, always the run around with you guys! Why can't a senior from head office contact me and give me a reason as to why Canadian tire staff talks down to 85 year old people! Terrible, absolutely wrong."

    A couple of days later, Jim Goff had this to say:

    "It's a shame there isn't a "dislike" button to click on."

    I couldn't agree more, Jim!

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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Some more, from the Father's Day thread:

    Bunny Wuffles: "Wow, lots of complaints on this site. CT is certainly not the cleanest or most organized chain store ..."

    Perry Mac: "purchased a cheer pantry from here yesterday. worst experience i have ever had. parts were scratched and broken. hardware was cheap and flimsy. horrible products. shopped here for yesr and have notced a huge decline in quality."

    Mark Rogers: "I've now stopped going to Canadian Tire after 30 years of patronage. Absolutely awful service here in Vancouver."

    Patricia Bourgoin: "Its not Canadian Tire, its Canadian Tired lol"

    Bobby Matthews: "richard walmart has a great sale this week on barbeques" and "try home hardware"

    Mark Rogers: "To stop going to Canadian Tire after 30 years of patronage. Absolutely awful service here in Vancouver. Even wrote a letter (which I never do), and never even got a response."

    Gift Card thread:

    Heather Richardson-Baker: "I would at least like their advertising to be accurate and not deceiving customers intentionally. Even worse than false advertising is their lack of customer service and concern for the fact they do this on purpose !! They have lost my business !!"

    Karen Forsyth Wilson: "What customer service? saw the sign but sure didn't get any service"

    And" "Might add he ordered me out of the store as I was trying to tell him that it was less than 48 hours since it was bought, then threatens to call the police on me. Made sure everyone in the store could hear him to. This isn't the first problem there, had a problem with tires to, So take it where ever you want, I will never buy from Canadian Tire again."

    Dry Cleaner:

    A negative comment just disappeared, right before I could even copy the text!


    Lyn Bartram: "Dear Canadian Tire, I used to love you. I wanted to support a Canadian company. My credit card and you have had a long and substantial relationship over many years. But alas! you don't love me any more and you treat me like animal by-products. You keep telling me why you can't be as attentive to my needs as Home Despot. So for the sake of one broken piece of equipment that you will not let me return (you want me to send it off for repair at my own expense when i owned it for a total of 6 hours) you want a divorce. Guess what? Home Depot wants me more. It's been a slice"

    There was a good one on the Bicycle thread ... but they deleted it so fast!!! (Not even the lame "please contact customer service" B.S.).

    Tidy Up:

    Sharon Hanley: "How did Canadian Tire get on my Facebook Page & how do I get rid of it?"

    Mother's Day:

    Sean Munt: "So here is my Mothers Day experience at Canadian Tire (3615 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, MB). I go to check out at self service. The paper jams. We tell the girl who was reluctant to go look at it there was a problem. When she fixes it I ask her for our receipt. She says she can't give us one. So apparerntly all your items are sold as is. I no longer can get my mail in rebate from Fram since I have no receipt either. Thanks Canadian Tire. This ranks right up there with going into Part Source a couple months back and the people behind the desk are not helping anyone because they are busy playing with a dog."

    Garage Thread:

    Leslie Nicholson: "A standard CT response to a contest glitch, contact Customer Service... done that before only to find out they don't even know a contest is going on! LOL... how about fix the contest site, or host it not on Facebook?"

    and then, "REPEAT: A standard "contact customer service" instruction doesnt cut it Canadian Tire. If you are running a national contest, the darn site should work and not waste people's time?:

    Ian Baker-Gregory: "Unlike this page and do not take your car to any C/T you will be over charged and then have to take it back for the same job that was never completed and trying to deny it was done at all"

    Cleaning Products:

    Shannon McGee: "this doesn't help my feelings about canadian tire after your staff member telling me "baby proofing products were for moms who don't watch their kids and just talk on the phone all day" I told your manager at the young and dundas store and he did absolutely nothing about it not even an apology I no longer shop here because of that incident"

    And this is from the FAN page?


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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Looks like I'm not the only one who hates Crappy Tire!

    Here are some oldies, to poste before they get

    Deeba Khan: "Attention All: On 26th eve about half an hour before the closing we went to Canadian Tire located at 3553 Lawrence Ave. East Scarborough, ON M1H 1B2 to buy folding chairs.
    As we were ready to leave this associate came along and asked us very rudely to clean up the opened chairs. We told him very politely that we will put away the ones we had opened and to which he refused and said I just did my round and that was not there. My husband repeated that “we will put away the ones we opened” and he asked us to “get out” and started to make personal remarks. I was completely appalled by his behavior and asked for the manager on duty. To my utmost disappointed he was quite the same as the associate.
    To my understanding since I was wearing my ethnic clothes I was treated unfair and looked down upon. I have worked in retail myself and very aware how the customers need to be treated. I must admit I have never come across such an inexcusable behavior by any associate. I felt I was racially treated and I am not going to take this matter lightly and would like this to be addressed by senior customer service team at the Canadian Tire team."

    Crappy only gave the standard form-letter response: "Please contact us at, we will look into the matter."

    Yeah, right!

    Here's what Deeba wrote next:

    "I have done that already and I hope to hear from your end now. Would appreciate an earnest effort from your end to correct the unfair behavior."

    Yeah, good luck getting anywere with that, Deeba. Just don't go there anymore! Thanks for the warning!

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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    More catching up:

    Danny Woodson: "I have had the worst service from this company and I will NEVER deal with you lot again."

    Janina Millette: "Me either their REFUND POLICY sucks big time!!!!"

    Danny Woodson: "you got that right."

    Stewart Morrison: "learned NEVER to take my car there for the yearly MVI...bad experience with the one on Mountain Road/Moncton...

    Jessica Andersen: "dislike"

    Karen Forsyth Wilson: "I made 3 trips, 80 km each time to get tires and a wheel alignment, I had payed for the tires and made an appointment, but Cold Lake can't get enough people to make a full brain."

    Tom Leddin: "as long as canadian tire is advertise with facebook im no longer a customer..."

    Jody Smits: "If your service tech at the Port Elgin canadian tire doesn't like you, you will wind up with four loose lug nuts when you check what's wobbling in your tire 3 weeks later!!!!"

    Brad Chanin: "Canadian Tire steals from the handicapped and should be boycotted!!!!!"

    Robert Hill: "Very disappointed in the service I'm getting. Trying to return a defective product, but I have to speak to a manager because the clerk can't give me cash. Naturally, "all the managers are in a meeting," so I have to come back a second time."

    Three guesses what Crappy Wrote back to Robert. OK, 1 guess: "contact our customer service as we would like to assist you further. "

    Then Robert wrote: "got it dealt with, thanks. I don't understand why the clerk didn't have the authority to reverse a $40 transaction. A lot of companies trust their employees to make the customer happy -- quickly. London Drugs and Ikea come to mind. Both have clear, hassle-free return policies."

    Bobby Matthews: "buy tires at kal tire truck .get some tools and home hardware .by some home supplys at rona and lawn and yard stuff.get an oil change at lube x and remobe canadian tire crom my fb pages"

    Bobby Matthews: "buy that at canadian tire oh wait canadian tire doesnt sell computers .oh well even if they did i would probably go to staples anyways"

    Justin Wheeler: "Hankook. But I buy them in the US. Your price is $331/tire for the exact tires on my car. I paid $162/ea in the US."

    Stacy Lafleur: "thats all i know it a good place to go get ripeed in the auto gradge iv never seen such a bunch a crooks since stephen harper"

    Donna Pascoe: "Depends on who owns the store, I suppose. Worst place I have ever worked in my life, EVER. And you can't find anyone who knows where things are let alone to actually help you with plumbing or electric. Love where I work now. Canadian Tire Chilliwack keeps my current place of employment booming, since ppl hate the Canadian Tire here so much."

    Eileen Bettis: "the tire section in Southland Calgary provides horrible service. I bring my tire in to get fixed and they give it to the wrong person. They have no solution for me! So in the mean time my vehicle gets towed. Thanks Canadian Tire!"

    Mara Langston: "Better deals else where nad better service"

    Dennis Jessome: "I really think you should hire a few more workers at the Canadian Tire store in North Sydney Cape Breton Nova Scotia , The only way right now to get attentionof what you are looking for , is go to the Paint Booth and wait, Maybe you might get an Attendent."

    Ian Baker-Gregory: "Unlike this page and do not take your car to any C/T you will be over charged and then have to take it back for the same job that was never completed and trying to deny it was done at all"

    Yup, lots of "haters" out there, who are just plain fed up with Crappy Tire's poor service.

    And I didn't even mention all the peope fed up with their Crappy Facebook page.

    Can you Feel the Love? - LMAO!

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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Hey, a fresh crop of Complaints - on Crappy Tire's own Facebook page!

    Let's get started!

    Michael Shein: "Can. Tire is terrible with returns so be careful when you buy becasue they don't stand behind the products they sell"

    Kelly Lynn: "- stores are a bit too crowded for ease of movement and could use some organization tips make it easier to find thing....."

    Joan Lloyd: "Trying to get info' re availability of a product via internet or phone was utterly impossible...grrr"

    I'd better grab this one before the Crappy People spot it & delete it!

    Erin Ferguson: "Be very careful before choosing a bike at Canadian Tire. We bought our 7 year old a CCM bike from CT in March and took it directly to a bike shop to have it checked out (since it had to be purchased pre-assembled). The frame was damaged (yes, on a brand new bike). We had to talk to an endless stream of employees at Cdn Tire until we could convince someone to at least exchange the bike - Cdn Tire does not allow returns or exchanges on their pre-assembled bikes. We were treated terribly by three separate employees. How can a business possibly allow a product to be sold, but refuse to allow and exchange or refund if the product is obviously damaged (through no fault of the consumer)? One month later, that bike's front brake came loose while my son was riding and he barely avoided a horrible accident. If you want service and a company that will stand behind their product, do not buy your bike at Canadian Tire."

    And those comments aren't from some random "" site - they are on Crappy Tire's own version of "Canadian Tire Suck Dot Net"

    Great Job, Crappy Tire!

    Thanks for giving ordinary Canadians another place to say how much you suck!

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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Hmmm ... turns out if you hit the "Show More Recent Stories" button, you see more posts from earlier in the month.

    Got some catchin' up to do!!!

    Under "Auto Safety Month", Eddie B said: "They robbed me too!They did work on my car and messed it all up.The manager(at the time) made me a deal and then died.,Now canadian tire is using that to the advantage and decided not to follow threw with there promise!They dont know what there doing and I will see them in court.You have all been warned."

    Boy! Lots and lots of complaints about bicycles:

    James Masters: "Careful buying a bike bought one brand new and a month later it is unridable "

    Tom Stall: "Every canadian tire bike sucks. Ppl who buy them are not very smart"

    Fred Tavenier: "Hopefully it will never break down and have to be repaired in a Canadian Tire service center. BANDITS !!!"

    Shannon Rose Phillips-sharun: "‎@Andrew Okulitch..i just purchased a supercycle made in canada bike at the canadian tire in coquitlam..looked like the perfect bike..i loved it until i got it on the road and it rattles and scrapes like a 20 year old clunker..i had to return have to wait until someone decides to look at it/fix it..they have my money..i have no bike..good deal hmm..really pissed..i should have given them counterfeit money for the counterfeit bike..i have a feeling i'm in for a long wait..canadian tire doesn't care about hteir customers like they used to..i'm going to start a hate the place page if i don't get my bike back in perfect running condition..which is what i paid for..made in canada yes..assembled in the store by some boob..and that's the truth.."

    Shannon Rose Phillips-sharun: "i want my bike..i paid for my bike..first day out it almost fell apart..what is going on?..has canadian tire no pride in their products..and then i was looked at like i was crazy for being annoyed..i am annoyed..i wanted a loaner bike..why do you have my money and i have no guys are really pushing your luck.."

    People didn't like this particular bike much:

    Pierre Couture: "i have ridden these. they are "death traps"."

    Krista Gaudette Melvin: "For those of you who don't have $800 they are way cheaper elswhere"

    John Bush: "ya can make one for less than that costs."

    With the planting season upon us, these comments are timely:

    Kathryn Paton: "Advertisted the garden centre would open tomorrow (June 1st) then opened it a day early. This is misleading to consumers."

    Patricia Hislop: "Just went to the garden center in Newmarket - 8:20am - based on the ad in the Era Banner - store opens at 8am - garden center specials. Found out that because it is raining they don't have any staff to work the cash outside so they won't open the outdoor garden center. Aksed if I could go in and bring out the plants to pay at the cash in the store and they said no because it is too big out there and people steal things. Asked when they thought it would be open and they said when it stops raingin. I guess they are going to be closed all weekend. Don't go to Newmarket Garden Center. They don't want your business"

    Laura Duffin: "remember too that if a plant doesnt make it.... they don't replace it!"

    Laura Duffin: "oh yeah, I live in B.C. I asked about an Impatient plant that died within a week of purchase. I was told there is nothing they will do to replace or refund. I then went to Home Depot and spent my budget for annuals with them..they have a year return there! I will not buy anything else at Canadian Tire again. The only good thing they have that I will miss at the Garden Center are the professional gardeners to consult with...great gals."


    Valerie Caskey: "after 2 or 3 times of use u need a new top (none to be found).now to the land fill or to cohen &cohen 'scrap yard."

    And just general complaints:

    Lois Tustin: "i really do not want to have canadian tire on my face book page"

    Jennie Morrow: "Does anyone know how to unsubscribe from these ads? I've even called the company but they were of no help."

    Jojo Forrest: "Canadian tire sucks would not buy a part for my lawnmower there .... BOO to Canadian tire"

    Shannon Rose Phillips-sharun: "if there was a dislike button i'd hit it.."

    Evan Cooper: "I think i need to UNLIKE Canadian Tire. Never anything useful. wrong language. No stock. nothing."

    James Petersen: "I miss the good old days when Canadian Tire employees actually wanted to assist their customers..."

    DaveRichelle Hogan: "Canadian Tire in Miramichi really sucked!!! Waited for 30 minutes to get the 2-ton garage kit! People who worked there took them 30 minutes to find it. Decided to leave with a rain check, almost at the exit door and the lady who told me that she didn't know where it is finally found it after 30 minutes!!! I think they need to hire more knowledgeable people to work there!!! No good customer service!!!"

    Cory Danard: "Be aware, Canadian Tire Batteries, are Cold cranking Amps rated @ 0*C. Every other brand rates them @ 0*F. BIG DIFFERENCE. Very iffy advertising people!"

    Patrick Zass LaBute: "Just went to Walker (windsor) to get a new Master craft blade for my grandpas lawn mower. The MANAGER told me and my father that tweet only carry craftsman and to go to Sears. Well I'm just at Sears and they only carry craftsman and I wall I'll informed from Canadian tire is where I needed to be. Only one and a half hours later and I'm coming back not to impressed."

    George Jones: "Comment: hello my name is jason and i frequent your summerside pei canada store very often and use your card even more which if you check my activity you can confirm that. Today i was at your summerside pei location and i did not have a pleasant experience i was so disgusted i left my cartful in the store after it was rang,without buying.I had a precision screwdriver set that was marked 6.99 but it rang up 19.99 they called back they couldnt find it so they asked me to show them and i did so the guy took the sale ticket down off shelf and took to cashiershe still called manager lady short hair,glasses a little heavy set, and she said after making me feel like a criminal and that i was lying until the male representive vouched that was acurate information i gave her,then she told me it was human error so i waited 35 minutes or so ,had to walk back to show 2 people where it was for nothing.Very frustrating so i went to Home Depot and got what i needed,i am very disgusted in how i was treated today money is hard enough to come by , shouldnt be an ordeal when you want to spend it"

    Margie Klimpel: "I don't buy paint at CT. Last time I did, I applied 7 coats and it looked like crap! I went over to Home Hardware and got their BeautiTone paint and only had to apply one coat to completely cover the mess that CT paint left. AND I got it at the same sale price as CT had. I buy all my paint there now. Love the price matching and you don't have to show them a competitor's flyer"

    Thanks, Crappy Tire, for supporting Social Media!

    Now even more people can share how much you suck!

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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Another day, another raft of customer complaints posted on Crappy Tires very own Social Media Venture: Canadian Tire | Facebook.

    Let's see what's on the minds of the Canadian consumers:

    1 - Crappy Treatment of the handicapped

    Brad Chanin: "Canadian Tire stores I found out do not care for the handicapped. I applied and was accepted at 13% (CT does not deny this) 0n 24 December 2009. I was told when I picked up their mistake that since I did not catch "THEIR" mistake It's not their problem, and now they tell me because I am handicapped the new rate is 19.9% (I am told this is their standard rate for the disabled).
    3 years of overpayment on interest after 19 years a customer of CT Bank. This is a company out of touch with their customers. As long as they arte paying they love you, but when you become ill, it's not their problem!!!
    Now that I can no longer return to work, I am strapped with the extra financial burden of their interest mistake (which by my calculations runs into the thousands of dollars) as well as the new handtcapped interest rate bloating the overinflated ballance." Yesterday at 3:56pm

    2 - Crappy Sioniz Pressure Washer (available exclusively at Crappy Tire!)

    Glenn Dunstall: "Simoniz pressure spends more time getting fixed then I use it, and Canadian tire does nothing to help." 15 hours ago

    3 - A Crappy Garage

    Shirley Mae Coolen: "husband had car at Canadian Tantallon....went he went to wouldn't he went to the tire centre asked if he could get a boost....they said they were too busy! Now how is that for customer service!" 4 hours ago

    4 - Crappy Bicycles

    Hadi Khouri Rita: "Fabro, it's a sign. Go elsewhere for that bike" 3 hours ago

    5 - Crappy Car Repairs, Crappy Prices and Crappy Customer Service

    Hadi Khouri: "was one of those who thought that people complaining here were not reasonable or had too high expectations.Well now i'm one of them, and I don't think I'm unreasonable or have high expectations.
    #1- 2 months ago, CT garage tech "forgot" to put the oil cap back on.Hope that never happens to anyone.drove back home only to find a big puddle of oil on our 1 year old driveway (unistone).
    #2- found out that many cleaning products sold at CT are much more expensive than fact, the sale price at CT is the competition's regular price (example: spray nine)
    #3- bought my 4 year old a bike last July.never really noticed that one of the training wheels was too big since he didn't ride it much last summer. This morning went to my local CT to explain that the bike came with one wrong training wheel.OMG was it ever the end I had to purchase a new set of training wheels at my expense. It's not about the cost, 15$ won't change my life, but sure will cost CT a client.
    Did I also mention that I'll be selling my CT shares? Even though it's been a decent investment, not sure it can be sustained with such poor service and so many competitors out there" 3 hours ago

    Hadi Khouri: "throughout any experience, they make sure to make it understood that they don't care. And i'll make sure my father's day gift won't come from CT either" 3 hours ago

    And what did Crappy do to make up for all their transgressions?

    Their Customer Retention Process immediately kicked into high-gear, and they wrote:

    "send us an email at".

    But apparently, that's all they did!

    And then returned to BAU: "Business As Usual".

    That'll sure keep 'em coming back!

    Great response, Crappy Website People!

    Excellent "Customer Experience"!


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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    Uh-oh! Looks like the Crappy People have been pissin' off Canadians, yet again!

    Won't they ever learn?

    The Crappy People will say these aren't really customers - just a bunch of "scammers" and "losers". But they sure look like a cross-section of upstanding Canadians to me.

    So, here's the latest topics of complaint:

    More Crappy Auto Service:

    Sandy Heap: Canadian Tire Sucks, the so called Mechanics they have ruined my Complete Car Brake Systom. Would not STAND BEHIND THAT.16 hours ago

    Carol Copeland Skinner: My son worked as a mechanic at two Canadian Tire stores. He was fired from both when he advised car owners they didn't need to purchase " the extra problems that were found with the vechile" suggested by the front desk people. He said they were told to always tell the customers that there were things wrongs with the cars in order to boost sales. These were the Cdn Tire stores in Kitchener, On.7 hours ago

    Eddie B deserves his own section re: Crappy Auto service:

    Eddie B: Use any advice from anyone whos willing to stand behind what they say.I was given automotive advice by canadian tire to change my starter.They gave me my car already running and the first time I tryed to start it myself I was stranded and had to have my car towed.I had to pay someone else to fix it and they refuse to give me my money back.Advice is free.... just not from canadian tire!20 hours ago

    Eddie B: my friend brought in his honda civic(one of the most common cars on the road) to canadian tire for a simple emmission test.They couldnt figure out how to open the gas cap by hand so they used a screwdriver to open it.After When my friend realized how they managed to open it he explained that if they had asked him he would have told them about the button that releases the gas cap insted of them prying it open with a screwdriver!Should they not know these things already with out being told by the customer?20 hours ago

    Eddie B: Again they ignore my valid points because they know they are wrong.Canadian tire promised me they would fix this but did nothing. Dont expect them to do anything for you! Im only asking for what was already offered to me,if the manager didnt die(I mean no disrespect to him) they wouldnt be able to make $300 off me.Have some respect for him and your customers please..5 hours ago

    Eddie B: If they dont make this right I will be taking the advice of canadian tire head office and take the owner to small claims court.If anyone wants to add me to facebook and tell me there horror stories I could bring your stories to court to show there history of bad customer service and advice.I tryed everything before it got to this but I will not be ignored.5 hours ago

    Eddie B: Neil,its hard not to "bash" a company that stops providing customar service once they have your money..20 hours ago

    Eddie B: Another Horror that I can relate to.They dont think of the big picture,maybe legally they dont have to help you but morally they should.If they were to back up there product and services they wouldnt lose life customers like us over a few bucks..20 hours ago

    A Crappy Parts Order:

    Hallie MacLeod: My bucket list includes hopefully getting the ATE rotors (Canadian Tire's product number for the rotors is 1139150 and ATE's product number is CW24740) that I ordered the first week of May. Don't tell me to contact Canadian Tire customer service either. I already did...TWICE...spoke to Anne. I even contacted the Senior Vice President of Canadian Tire Automotive, Allan MacDonald, and still have not received a response!! POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!2 hours ago

    More Crappy Customer Service:

    Jennifer Morris: Here's some advice: when a six year old boy goes to the checkout to but a water gun with all of his saved change - let him buy it!!! Since when do you not accept Canadian money to buy things?!?! >

    Crappy Credit Cards:

    Clinton David: Just beware that they'll try to sign you up for a credit card, and if you agree, they'll also sign you up for roadside assistance, balance protection fees (that are worthless), and any other extras they can slip in there. Pay close attention, because they like to fill in the form with all the options checked off, then try to get you to sign it without reading it closely. you'll be on the phone for days trying to get it all cancelled, or else pay a lot for extras you don't need.5 hours ago

    More Crappy Bicycles:

    Clinton David: The warranty for this bicycle says, "Pre-assembled bicycles are not returnable". But what if it's defective, or wasn't assembled correctly? Besides, isn't every single thing the store sells "not returnable" the second you unpack it or use it? Does a test-ride instantly make it "used"? Can I get one that's NOT Pre-assembled? What would the warranty be in that case? These rules sure aren't clear!21 hours ago

    Seems like the complaints are outnumbering the compliments. LMAO!
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    Re: Customer Complaints on

    The rate of complaints onto Crappy Tire's f/b page seems to have slowed a tad.

    Could it be that the Crappy People are suddenlty doing a better job? LMAO!

    No, I bet people are just exhausted from fruitless complaints.

    Here's the latest:

    Cory Powell: Canadian tire is a sad organisation Sunday at 11:26am

    Rick Johnson: Lmfao!!!!! I would not even let me or my DAD shop at your stores mutch less getting work done on our cars. Sunday at 4:17pm

    Beverly J Sydenham: please don't advertise on my facebook page. Ty Sunday at 4:24pm

    Jason DeAbreu: Carquest Roxboro yvee gives the best advice and prices Sunday at 10:14pm..

    Linda Chamberlain: canadian tire has the worse guarantie i ever seen would never go buy anything electronic or kitchen produc there they need to do better Yesterday at 6:13am.

    Allan Andkilde: Canadian Tire SUCKS 18 hours ago

    Steve Nurse: Went in for a 30$ A/C refill, went out with a 90$ bill and no A/C. 16 hours ago.

    Matt Haze: Canadian tired 11 hours ago

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