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Thread: Crappy Tire Boycott

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    Re: Crappy Tire Boycott

    Faker advocate sits on the outside looking in. His opinions don't match what the general population thinks, just what
    the fringe want, that's why he's a faker.

    Take this as an example:

    Toronto News: Grocer not guilty in citizen

    Cheers? I wonder how many cheers the thief got?

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    Re: Crappy Tire Boycott

    I wonder what Citizen Of The Year (if he exists) thinks of his colleagues? You know, the ones who think an alleged shoplifter "got what he deserves" when he died?

    I wonder what any Citizen Of The Year would think of all the lies Crappy People like Angry CT Guy post here.

    Lies about what customers posted here.

    And recurring lies about laws and policies:

    Will Angry CT Guy get "Angry Guy of the Year"? I'm sure his fingers are crossed.

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