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Thread: CBC's "Go Public" reports on Canadian Tire.

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    Re: CBC's "Go Public" reports on Canadian Tire.

    Quote Originally Posted by CT Me View Post
    I'm not the one telling you the consumer laws. DavidLER is the one who posts all the links and his interpretations.
    I've done this stuff for years and have argued before the courts, way before DavidLer came along.

    Quote Originally Posted by CT Me View Post
    Just don't be surprised when you show up at a Customer Service counter spouting off all you "know" about your rights under various acts, and get shut down because you're trumped by someone who does this for a living and actually knows the laws.
    LOL. Are customers supposed to be scared of the customer service desk 'trumped' by societies minimum wage castoffs? Like they have the FINAL say and I should trust their interpretation of the law and their experience with returns/ store policy, all for the customers benefit?!?! That's your trump card? I'll take my chances and READ WHAT THE LAW SAYS and proceed with a claim against CT should the need ever arise. Maybe I should do just that and set foot in one of your 480 stores and see how quickly your customer service desk "shuts me down" over a return vs warranty item. Lil me against big bad CT with an army of expensive corporate lawyers, standing infront of a "mega mega" corporation. I like my odds and don't need a trump.

    Quote Originally Posted by CT Me View Post

    As far as the bike goes you are making it sound as if the CT Owner went to the sales floor, chose a bike that she knew was defective, put into the kids hands and said here, it's perfect, ride it, buy it.
    That is fact, that is spelled out clearly in the court documents.
    That's what the court found to be FACT and why CT was responsible for almost half the damages. That owner and others responsible will rot in hell for eternity.

    Quote Originally Posted by CT Me View Post
    I am well aware of the video of parts wrongly being swapped. I am well aware that there are crooked mechanics at some stores. I am well aware sometimes customers get screwed in car repairs. Bad diagnosis, poor repairs. I've had dirty ones come through my hands. I'm sure that some never get caught. Guess what man...they are everywhere.
    And as everyone knows and has seen, CT owners and head office accepts no responsibility for their work during and after the fact. However, CT does offer excuses. Lots of them. None of which will fix the customers car.

    Joe public your car has ZERO chance with Canadian Tire. ZERO. You will have a hard time with store returns and refunds.

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    Re: CBC's "Go Public" reports on Canadian Tire.

    Dear CT Me:

    I've provided links to the legislation, and many links to reputable sites offering credible interpretations.

    This evidence makes it very clear that an Ontario retailer must provide a refund for defective goods to a consumer who asks for one.

    For a long time, you have been arguing that this is untrue. However, you have not provided any references whatsoever, and only offered your "retail experience" as evidence.

    Do you have any credible evidence that you can contribute to this discussion? Surely an expert in these matters would have access to something more convincing than, ""I KNOW THE RULES! YOU DON'T".

    If you are unable to provide any contrary evidence, are you willing graciously admit that you may have been under-informed on this topic?

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