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Thread: cars parts story

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    cars parts story

    Hi all, i had 3 little story about cars part to tell very funny in some case...

    -first story ; When a i had my first cars 17 year old, i go to canadian tire to buy spark plugs for ma little chevy chevette. They have no display, but i ask for service, i take a ticket, When it was my turn; a young women said what i need , and i ask 4 spark plug for chevy chevette 1.6L

    ( but i have to said i am a french canadian )

    A spark plug in french is`` bougie``but the word bougie in french in some case can be use candle in french is ``chandelle``...

    when have asking my 4 spark plugs the women look at me with big eye and said: ``bougie is another department here is only cars parts``

    You cannot imagine me and the other men who waiting .. THE big laughing hehehehe...

    second; A couple of year after, another, car i want to buy a filter and gasket set for an automatique transmision...

    I see the guy for cars parts. I tell him what i want, i said: i want a filter and gasket for a gm thm 350 1981... the guy doesnt know that part and said to me he must go by question in the computer ... , the model/make.... gm oldmobile , year ...1981 , v8 or v6 ... v8 305 , 2 or 4 barrel carburator...4 , ac or without ac ... without ac , number of door...2 . The guy go back in the backstore with 2 kit he said to me he doesnt know diference between the 2 kit just choosing the one who i need ( well, i know the 2 kit was thm 200 metric and the thm 350) i take the thm 350 kit and said to the guy your very lucky to work with that computer

    third, I go to c.t. to .. i didnt remember why but i see a display with door pin and bushing ho. the door on my car is very loose and i go see the guy to tell me what parts number i need the guy said to me sorry i dont have part number book just dismantle your door on your car and compare the one on the display .. ho my god they sell thing and dont know on what model no book for part number...

    i know that not the fault of the person but who take c.v. to employ but dont knowing the diference between a ``bougie and a chandelle`` on an engine and put that person on cars parts hummm

    the guy ( my story about filter and gasket for tansmission) i have said at first what i want the thm 350 kit

    And i didnt know but and dont think no one dismantle is door on a canadian tire parking to go compare is door pin and bushing ....

    i think that funny story to tell but i love rebate on mastercraft tool...

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    Re: cars parts story

    Hey Van Dorp....why do you keep going back??? It seems to me that you are just some sort of a clown who likes to cause a scene. Also do you actually know that there is 2 different types of "filter and kit" I assume you mean trans filter kits for GM, having worked behind a CTC parts counter for 10 years you even had me confused whether you are French or not. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU ACROSS FROM ME AT MY COUNTER AND WE WOULD SEE WHO WAS LAUGHING AT WHO, PLUS ALL THE CUSTOMERS AROUND YOU.

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