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Thread: Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

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    Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    I needed a battery for my car. First battery I've ever bought in my life, and I picked it up at the conveniently located Canadian Tire a couple of blocks away. I paid the extra 10 dollars for the extended warranty on the Motomaster Eliminator battery so I could get 3 years free replacement and 9 year prorated warranty. 2 years later, the temperature dropped to about -45C and the battery froze. It started with a boost, but it wouldn't hold enough charge to start the car again. The weather warmed up, and my battery would start the car just fine. When it would get cold again, the battery would freeze up, and wouldn't have enough juice to more than crank the starter very slowly and then die.
    So, I made do just boosting the car when it was cold and I needed it. It was starting to get a little hard on the ol alternator which would sqeal as it was trying to catch up.
    I went into Canadian Tire and left my car running in the parking lot on one of those -45C days, because I knew that if I shut it off, it would not start again. Canadian Tire told me I would have to take the battery out and bring it in. I explained that I had no tools to do it, and they handed me a fistful of wrenches. I explained that I was not going to be taking it out in the dark and dangerously cold parking lot. They said they could bring it in the shop, but it would cost me $30.00 in labour to take the battery out. I asked if I could just drive it in the shop and do it myself. I know how to take a battery out, it's a simple process of 3 tools and 5 bolts in my car.
    The 17-year-old boy I was dealing with was kind enough to allow me to pull into the shop and he took the battery out for me. He tested it and said that it wasn't fully charged and they would have to charge it for 24 hours and then test it again for warranty. So at this point, how was I supposed to get home? There was nothing they could do about that.
    The battery went back in the car, and it started just fine, because by this point, it had had a chance to melt. I went home and the weather warmed up for a few days, so I was able to deal with the situation.
    I finally asked my dad to go in and have it checked out for me. I was so frustrated with a situation in which I knew what I needed, but had to jump through hoops to get anything done. He got the same story, and didn't have time to bring the battery in.
    My sister came over with her tool set a week later and took the battery in for me. They charged it, and tested it, and sure enough, it was ruined. We went back in the next day with the little pamphlet they gave me for the warranty, happily expecting to finally resolve this situation.
    The serial numbers on the battery and the reciept didn't match up.
    I asked how could this have happened? When I bought the battery, I put my reciepts in my glovebox and didn't touch them until I needed them. Did the person who sold me the battery at the till put the stickers on the wrong reciept? Did the manufacturer put the wrong stickers with the wrong battery? All I know is that it was through no fault of my own. I had an extra set of stickers that matched the ones on the battery, but the till stamp on the little pamphlet did not match the numbers.
    They took my credit card number to call mastercard to confirm the purchase. I cannot verify that this call took place because the manager was relaying messages through the young man at the till. This young man came back and told me that the records don't go back two years, so they could not verify my purchase.
    He went back to his manager's office and came out with the news that they could offer me the prorated warranty of $45.00, and would that be ok with me. I replied that no, it was not ok, but what could I do? I needed the battery, and the trouble the old one had given me had already caused me enormous inconvenience. I missed extra shifts at work, and had to take expensive cab rides to make other appointments. How could they give me the prorated warranty, but not the full warranty?
    So I had to pay the $45 and I got the same warranty with it. I am very frustrated and when I think about the situation I get really hot and angry. I'm done with Canadian Tire. They will not be recieving any new business from me, and I will lash out in any way I can and tell everyone I can about my experience.

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    Re: Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    for starters... the kid handing you a "fist full or wrenches" is more than fair. Not only would the auto parts employees not be covered if they accidentally had damaged your vehicle but CT would also be on the hook for anything that happened to there employee in the parking lot preforming a task outside of there regular duties.. even something as small as the employee slipping in the parking lot while helping you (since they are parts employees and not technicians). I am a first aid attendant at a ct and this scenario has in fact happened and it cost the company a significant amount of money. Second... of course CT is going to charge you to take out the battery it is part of there business and businesses are not in the habit of doing things for free, in fact them allowing you to pull up and do it yourself could have cost them if anything had happened to you since you are not an employee and not covered. This part of your story is irrelevant and is meant to make you look like a poor victim but in reality they did nothing wrong... it is not there job or responsibility to remove a battery from your car. After that you say they tested your battery and it was in fact dead so they then proceeded to warranty the battery.... again they at this point had done nothing wrong. Then you tell us that your warranty paper work did not match battery so logically they would not warranty it. The stickers with serial numbers come as one sticker that is perforated and the two halves are separated at time of purchase when they fill out your warranty pamphlet.. Clearly the paperwork you had came from another battery and not the one you had. It is unfortunate that this happened but they did nothing wrong.

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    Re: Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    I can't believe that the OP would embarass themselves with a complaint that makes them look this foolish. Sounds like this CT store went above and beyond trying to help them....I can't even remember the last time I received service close to's usually "nope, can't help you, you're on your own".
    Why didn't you look at your warranty when you got it.....overcharging a battery usually voids a warranty, as does freezing it....would have picked up on the sticker issue. "Expensive cab rides, missed extra shifts at work?".....are you kidding? about bringing the battery in the first sign of trouble? I hope all the other places you deal with can think for you....maybe it's time to grow up and join the real world.

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    Re: Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    the eliminator comes with a 3 year free replacment warranty and 9 year prorated waranty... if you paid the extra ten it would have been a 9 year free replacment battery

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    Re: Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    The Pro-rated warranty is done off of the manufacturing date which is stamped into the plastic of the battery not the paperwork. This is why they were able to offer the pro-rated warranty, both cosco and sears use the same battery manufacturer and warranty rules. While i will agree that the warranty procedure for batteries causes allot of hassles those rule and procedures are in place to prevent people from profiting from stolen batteries, batteries purchased by a previous vehicle owner and to prevent people from getting a free battery from customers abusing there batteries, as well as preventing infinite warranties. People often expect there batteries to last forever, however this is not the case. Also it is not a retailers responsibility to remove a battery from your car or to be responsible for making sure you get to work or make your appointments, this is called adulthood. I dont feel that this store has done you any wrong, in fact they did go above and beyond. I would not have removed the battery for you. Reason being is that you could have sued me and won if there was any damage or problem with your vehicle even if it had nothing to do with me. It is a shame that i could not help you but it would be the responsible thing for me to do being an employee because certain people in this world will try and take advantage of you, and it happens on a regular basis. Furthermore your intention of lashing out truly shows your immaturity.

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    Re: Don't shop at Canadian Tire!

    You're right. A couple of the Canadian Tire Employees did go above and beyond their call of duty, as dictated by their employer. I am unhappy with the way the store has its product warranty rules, regulations, etc set up that caused this whole situation. I guess I'm just used to the small business approach where they value your business, and have the time to help you out.
    I did bring the battery in at the first sign of trouble, and the second sign of trouble, and the third sign of trouble. I did not know what the problem was right away, and it was not my fault. I did not overcharge the battery or freeze it, my alternater is working fine, so the battery must have been faulty and couldn't hold a full charge to keep it from freezing.
    I'm always wary of people trying to charge me too much money for services I don't need.When I first suspected that it may be the battery, I explained the situation to the employee, and he listed a whole range of services that they could perform on my car in order to diagnose it. It would cost X amount of dollars to test the battery in the car, x amount of dollars to test the electrical system, and x amount of dollars to test the alternator. I don't know a whole lot about cars, but I know the basics, and I was pretty sure that it was the battery. I just wasn't aware of the 24-hour period they would need to charge the battery, and then test it again to see if it would work. I did not have the resources at the time to get myself home from CT, or get myself back there to pick the battery up again. I was better off to keep charging the battery when I needed it.
    When I wrote the original post, I was very angry, and yes, I was lashing out in any way I could, because I didn't see the point of taking my frustrations out in the store on employees who had their hands tied. I don't see this as immature. It's my opinion, and you don't have to agree with it, but I hope that it will enlighten some people about the frustrations of big box stores.
    It's pretty sad that dishonest people have driven this company to mistrust everyone. When I say that I'm telling the truth, I expect people to believe me.
    I stand by my original feelings that Canadian Tire Sucks.

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