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Thread: no refund if you don't have wife's debit card

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    Re: no refund if you don't have wife's debit card

    Just an FYI- our store also allows for debit or cash refund on debt purchases. This is NOT a CT wide policy. Some stores have strange policies.

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    Re: no refund if you don't have wife's debit card

    You hit the proverbial nail right on the head.

    The local Red Triangle of Crap Store looks as though it is just another branch of a nation chain called “Canadian Tire”.

    Customers think that each outlet will have the identical, chain-wide policies, training, and level of service. They expect there will be a helpful “1-800” number to call if a location has gone rogue, where Head Office will sort things. After all, that is what they get with the big chain of stores across Canada, like Home Depot, Costco and Walmart.

    This is no accident: the stores, commercials, flyers and signage all suggest that this is one, big chain with the same products, flyers, and so on. Same chain, same everything.

    But in fact your local stores isn’t even close to being yet another branch in the big chain.

    Instead, your local store is really just “Fred’s Hardware Store” that features Canadian Tire products. And the other one across town really is just “Jim’s Hardware And Automotive Supply”, which also happens to feature Canadian Tire product. And so on, at all the other locations.

    So it becomes 'surprise, surprise, surprise' when you walk into a different store, and run into some weird local oddity, or some tight-fisted short-timer owner, who decided on his own to start screwing customers, knowing any loses for the sake of Customer Service will only help out the next owner to get stuck with that poor location, as they work their way up the chain.

    And when it becomes ‘lawsuit time’ (as it seems to do, quite often), the mistreated consumer tries to sue "Canadian Tire", only to learn they really have to sue “Bill’s Bakeware and Engine Oil Emporium”.

    Nice ‘psych’, Crappy Tire!
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