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I;m 22 and ill tell you after working up north the wages are a real slap in the face, lets pay someone with L3 first aid and all the skills for anything and has an amazing resume 8.50 an hour!! h we need you to work OT so that you can carry heavy stuff for our seasonal department...F*** You! not a chance i an goingto hurt myself for $8 an hour! and then because im in assembly, everything get blamed on me...i didnt even do it!
and honestly ppl, if you dont already know that alot of the stuff that is in canadain tire is junk and for light duty work, and if it does not work for you it's NOTHING to take it back with reciept and turn it in! (oh and make sure you bring the canadian tire money too) and its NOTHING to read instructions for proper care and operations, or even common sence...if you are not using the umbrella, close it up and put it in prtective area to keep it from sunfading, and damage from anything..........how lazy you have to be? things dont take care of themselves
AND CHILDREN with bikes...make them use the kickstand and take care of the things that are given to you!!, throwing them on the growed and twisting the cables up around that handlebars are not an excuse for returning! its neglegence and you have to deal with your angery child, not my fault, i tighten everything up as tight as it can go and make sure that they are safe.....CT IS a shitty place to work, but it was the only place that would call me after applying at dozens of jobs, and now waiting despritly to back to the north
Jeeze go cry to momma numb nuts, i have no sympathy to someone who complains about pay in your situation. You go into that job knowing what the pay is, and if you have an "amazing resume" you wouldn't be working there. My guess is you go do some form of manual labour up north which take no real awesomeness just good old manual labour in crappy conditions that pay well. CT is not hard work ( it is definetly annoying work ) but not worth huge dollars, and people with your attitude dont even deserve the job let alone be paid for it. GO UP