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Thread: Full brake system replacement??

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    Full brake system replacement??

    I went in to a CT store to specifically have a leaking brake line replaced - I told them what was wrong as I had inspected the car beforehand and would have done the work myself but I didn't want to deal with bleeding the system (or working under my car in the winter). They did their own inspection and came back with a quote of $1400+ (the entire car is only worth maybe $3000). They wanted to replace all 4 calipers, rotors and pads plus the brake lines. When I mentioned that I had just replaced the pads on all 4 wheels (2 weeks ago for front and 6 weeks ago for rears), they shut up real quick. I was tempted to leave immediately but it would have been a pain to go somewhere else so I just sucked it up and paid their ridiculous price for doing the lines only. Won't be going back to that store. I need to find an honest shop close to home ...

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    Re: Full brake system replacement??

    Which store was this? Maybe you can give everyone a heads up.

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    Re: Full brake system replacement??

    Sure, it can be helpful to know which Crappy Garages are actively ripping off consumers, at the moment.

    But the fact is, the owners and managers, and "advisors" change all the time, so you never know when a once-trusted location (there must be SOME, right?) is going to suddenly go down-hill.

    Best to send out an email or Facebook comment asking your friends and co-workers to share their recommendations. I'll bet Crappy Tire won't be on anybody's list!

    I've done this for mechanics, as well as plumbers, dentists, optometrists and roofers. Start leveraging Social Media!

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    Re: Full brake system replacement??

    Good point about people and quality changing - this happened to be the Toronto Laurence Square location (Allen & Laurence). I've had questionable work done there before - but no big surprise about that.

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    Re: Full brake system replacement??

    what was the price .. you forgot to mention that .. details boy details

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