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Thread: 5 weeks to perform 7 hrs of work

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    5 weeks to perform 7 hrs of work

    It took their automotive service centre 5 weeks to fix my timing belt and replace my cylinders. The invoice said they only performed 7 man hours of work on my car. Throughout the entire process I was calling their automotive service centre twice a week for every week that I didn't have my car. They blamed the delays on having to send my engine to a machine shop in order to replace the cylinders. However apparently the machine shop didn't have a working lift. I really don't understand why they didn't send my part to another machine shop, or demand that the machine shop fix the lift earlier (i.e. the machine shop would not want to lose business from a major partner like canadian tire). I sent my complaint to corporate, and they wrote it off as if 7 hrs of work in 5 weeks is normal. Personally, I think producing 7 hours of work in 5 weeks is an embarrassment.

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    Re: 5 weeks to perform 7 hrs of work

    Hi, blues:

    Your story is a new one, but similar to some others, so I re-posted yours here:

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