I have an overwhelming love, hate relationship with Canadian Tire.

My closest CT is Cambie Street which I can easily walk to. I gave up on them a long time ago. Though I have encountered 2 very helpful staff members, they obviously cannot be there all the time and the rest are the worst bunch of clerks, I have ever encountered at any store, anywhere, in 50 years. I have had to ask multiple staff for directions and product assistance on numerous occasions. Many times I was told they were out of an item but it turned out they just didn’t know where it was.

Marine Drive, Vancouver:
There is a South Asian (jayzus, I hate that term) gal at the Customer Service/Return counter that is so nice, friendly and accommodating she won’t last long there. She will get promoted or become a valued employee somewhere else.
There is an Asian gal in Service that jerked me around twice while trying to get a set of tires. There was a really good price on Michelin tires that was good until Feb 20-14 and she assured me that if I ordered online and they were out of stock I would still get them, as long as I ordered before the sale ended. So, I tried to order and they were out of stock and so my order would not be accepted. I went back to speak to her and she treated me like I was a stranger and said too bad, no stock at all CT warehouses, out of luck. On a whim, I called the N Van store and they ordered a set directly from Michelin and I had them the next day; cash and carry. When it came time to install, I went back to Marine Drive to see if they had the 20% “changeover” special and even though other stores said it was still on, she told me it had expired. Next day I got an email promo from CT telling me about the 20% discount.

Bentall Street, Vancouver:
Staff very similar to Cambie but only about half as bad. Mostly unhelpful and lacking product knowledge. The two main guys in Service have been very helpful and friendly.

The Crossing, South Burnaby:
There is a South Asian guy in Service who, along with other things, I also tried to deal with on the Michelins. He flat out bullshitted me about the ordering process and availability. Twice.

North Van:
The Parts Department salvaged the Michelin deal for me by going directly to the Michelin Warehouse. Great service. The Service Department quoted about $150.00 higher than Marine Drive for a brake job.

I could never prove it but highly suspect they deliberately caused sidewall tire damage.

If I know what I want, know the product and prices, I’ll shop CT but if I need any kind of employee credibility I more often than not search for it and leave in frustration.