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Thread: Jobmate

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    Re: Jobmate

    It’s hard to know if Angry/CT/Me/Law/Guy/Owner is deliberately ignorant, or actively malicious.

    But it could be that they’ve decided to turn a blind eye to all the information on consumer protection legislation, and on their duties as a retailer to only sell products that perform as advertised.

    When the Crappy store displays product claiming to have certain features, benefits and capabilities, maybe the Crappy Retailers really don't know that those products have to live up to those promises.

    It's really just common sense, and it's what other retailers do already.

    Maybe they really don’t know that products have an implied durability, and should be able to hold up under normal use, without failing prematurely.

    Now, I can see why they would enjoy pointing to their self-serving policies (the worst among Canadian retailers!), and saying, “Sorry, no refunds on products that don’t do what they are supposed to”. Then they can comfortably continue to procure and stock crap.

    And who has to bear the cost? The poor customer, who believed their lies about the product, and is now stuck with a choice to either live with the crap, or try to sue the store.

    But maybe the Crappy Reatilers actually know what the laws are. Maybe they’ve already read all the references posted here, and talked to the Consumers Ministry themselves, and they really do know what’s going on. That the customer is entitled to a refund under the law for products that don’t do what they are supposed to do.

    But I’m sure that they know one thing: most customers aren’t going to spend $50 or $100 just to file a lawsuit, when the defective or underperforming product only cost about $100 in the first place.

    But what would happen if Crappy Tire decided to step up to the plate, and offer the same return policies as all the other major Canadian retailers?

    What if the Crappy Dealers decided to follow the law for a change, and give innocent constomers refunds for these pieces of junk, like they are supposed to?

    Eventually they’d lose enough money, that they would have to stop selling this crap to an unsuspecting public, and only sell products that were actually going to do what they are advertised to do.

    That’s why Crappy Tire is the only store that would dare to sell crap brands like Jobmate and Yardworks.

    Because they have already decided not to stand behind this junk.

    Regardless of what the law says.

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    Re: Jobmate

    We stand behind what we sell, and are 100% legal in how we do so.
    Your assumption is that we must refund money when a customer is unhappy, and that unfortunately for you is not correct. If our stated warranty is for an exchange only, then that's what happens. That is 100% legal.
    Interesting I was reading one of your previous links, don't recall which one, maybe the woodworkers forum, and a guy had commented that places like Future Shop see lots of big tv purchases leading to SuperBowl weekend, and lots of returns the following week, which they deny. Anyways that's not the point, but it is a reflection of consumer behaviour and the steps stores have to take to protect themselves from the few customers who attempt to manipulate stores.

    Back to the point.
    Just because a product fails, does not mean it does not meet the standards of "implied durability".
    If a coffee maker has a defective power button does that mean it's not fit for use and the retailer has not done their due diligence? No. Bring it back, get a replacement with a good button, end of story.
    I was working on a friends cottage and had to buy a pair of pruners from TSC Stores. They failed quickly... should i have sued?

    If we're talking JobMate. They are light duty home use tools, and they do exactly that. No contractor would ever expect to go frame a house with a JobMate drill. If you can define "normal use" have at er. Is that 100 holes drilled in an hour? 6 in a day? 1000 in a weekend?
    At the end of the day, none of you even know what the defect rate of these items is, so you're talking through your hat again.

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    Re: Jobmate

    There's so much incorrect information in that post, it's hard to know where to start!

    I'm a tad busy at the moment, but in the meantime, most of these topics have already been discussed and resolved on this site, so interested consumers can just look up the Sale of Goods Act, Consumer Protection Act, "This product has no warranty", etc.

    And I'm shocked at how open the Angry/CTME/LawGuy/Owner is about their hatred of customers. But I guess I should be used to it by now. They seem to think we're all scammers!

    But I would like to point out that no consumers who posts here regularly have said that a customer is legally entitled to a refund, simply because they changed their mind. Maybe no customers ever (I'd have to check). No, that's just another ACLO lie.

    Now, if the customers "isn't happy" because there's something actually wrong with the product, that's when the laws kick in (and they trump the store's policy).

    Consumers can search this site for the references, or wait until I post them later.

    Watch out for these Crappy People!

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    Re: Jobmate

    OK, I'm back.

    Let’s start with customers who change their minds about products which are not defective, and not mis-represented (more on misrepresentation later.)

    These are items where the customer has simply changed their mind, and just don’t want it any more, for their own reasons.

    Here's a thread with a good summary:

    Bottom line: Crappy Tire has the worst policies for returns, including this type. Maybe some Crappy Stores are more lenient, but if they want to, the Crappy Store can refuse a return of an item unless it’s "unused".

    In fact, some stores have been know to violate even this draconian policy, and insist that all packages be unopened. (And not just the short list of items on their web site that must be 'unopened').

    The important thing to remember here: virtually all the big stores in Canada will let customers return most items, if the customer simply didn’t like it when they got it home & tried it out.

    The Crappy People seem to think they actually have the best policy, presumably because it saves the stores money. But if you are a consumer, and not a store owner, it’s certainly not the best policy around.

    (The Crappy People who post here seem actually proud of this worst-in-the-buiness policy - yet the stores keep this information buried under the "Easy Returns" statement - I wonder if they are trying to HIDE something?)

    So, if you are considering buying something (say, a tool) from Crappy Tire, you have to do thorough research on it, to be absolutely certain that the product will live up to our expectations, and be exactly what we want. Check on-line reviews (and not just the ones on their site, where they erase all the negative ones). Talk to your (wood-working?) friends. Ask lots of questions (of the kids?) at Crappy Tire. Be 100% sure. Because only then is it safe for you to buy it from Crappy Tire.

    Or, if you think there might be even a slight problem, or that you might not be fully satisfied with the look, colour, weight, size or any other aspect of the product, be sure and buy it from somewhere else. Any other big store in Canada will do. Because they all have better policies.

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    Re: Jobmate

    If everyone has superior policies, how do you explain THIS?

    Porter Cable | 4 Gallon Compressor | Home Depot Canada

    Porter Cable Compressor (which is owned by Black and Decker Dewalt) Warranty information right on provides phone number to Black & Decker for warranty.

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    Re: Jobmate

    The Angry/CT-Me/LawGuy/Owenr sure does get confused easily!

    1 - The current discussion is on "products which are not defective, and not mis-represented", so warranty issued do NOT apply! ACLO should try to keep up!

    2 - WARRANTIES are not the same as RETURN POLICIES. Everybody knows that (except the Crappy People, who pretend they are the same).

    If anyone is interested in the Home Depot RETURN POLICY, just follow the link that was posted.

    Here, I'll make it easy for you:

    Home Depot:

    Home Depot Canada also has a “satisfaction guarantee”, and will provide refunds for at least 30 days on items such as pressure washers and lawn mowers, if the customer is unhappy – even if the customer used it, and even it if is gas-powered.

    Sure, the manufacturer's warranties might be the same (no surprise there!), but Big Orange has a superior RETURN POLICY, as do all the other big retailers.

    Crappy Tire is the WORST, no matter what ACLO claims!

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    Re: Jobmate

    Oh oh!

    Is Angry/CTMe/LawGuy/Owner going to post another zillion links to warranty stastements like I read on those earlier threads?

    Is this because they think warranties are the same across retailers, so it might disguise the differences in return policies?

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    Re: Jobmate

    Hey if you want to play this game again, let's have at it.

    Oh look, some stuff with NO RETURN option.
    Hey check it out, Lawnmowers and tractors are REPAIRED UNDER FACTORY WARRANTY (that's illegal right) ha
    Appliances - Non returnable WTF?
    Home Depot may ask for valid photo ID? omg they must be stealing the information
    HOme Depot may refuse a refund at any time for any reason bahhhahahaha - surely CPA or SGA must kick in somewhere. wait...nope

    Home Depot
    The Home Depot | Customer Support | Return FAQ

    ************************************************** *********************

    Some Special Order returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Cancellations may also be subject to a 15% restocking fee. See the Special Services Desk for details.

    Custom products: No returns.

    Custom-tinted paint department products: No returns.

    Wallpaper and flooring samples: No returns.

    Spas and hot tubs: No returns.

    Gift cards, gift certificates and store credit cannot be exchanged or returned for cash, credit or cheque.

    Holiday décor items, air conditioners, generators and furniture must be returned within 30 days of delivery. Any product damage and/or defects must be reported within 30 days of delivery.

    Major appliances are non-returnable. Items should be inspected thoroughly at the time of delivery. If you are not satisfied, refuse the item before signing the delivery receipt. Be sure to report any product defects or damages with the delivery agent. Damages must be reported within 48 hours of delivery. After 48 hours, you may visit your local store or call 1-800-455-3869 for assistance.

    Lawn tractors and lawn mowers will be repaired under manufacturer's warranty or through a service contractor at a local The Home Depot store. Please contact the Customer Care Centre at 1-800-628-0525 for further information.

    The Home Depot reserves the right to request valid identification prior to accepting merchandise for a return.

    The Home Depot reserves the right to limit or refuse to accept the return of certain merchandise at any time and for any reason.


    You still want to play ?

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    Re: Jobmate

    Hmmm ... nothing here that hasn't already been addressed on the other thread, LOL!

    And on the topic of returns for "unwanted" (non-defective, non-misrepresented items), the Angry/CTME/LawGuy/Owner has zip to say!

    Basically and admission that Crappy Tire has worse policies than Home Depot - and worse than all the other other big retailers in Canada, too, for 'change of mind' returns!

    Nice going, ACLO!

    Regarding defective items (which you seem far more eager to discuss), that's been thoroughly covered on another thread, too.

    When I get a couple of miniutes, I'll pull out the highlights.

    You know - the ones that prove that Crappy Tire also has the worst policies for defective items, too!

    Stay tuned!

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    Re: Jobmate

    It's nice to know that Angry/CT-Me/LawGuy/Owner thinks this is just a "game" - that it's OK to try to B.S. consumers into thinking Home Depot is worse than even Crappy Tire, the retailer with the worst policies.

    The main thing to notice is that ACLO skipped right past the policies for "Items Purchased In Our Store" (which would be a fair comparison with Crappy Tire), and instead started quoting from the "Items Purchased On Line" section. Actually, they are the usual careful mis-quotes, if you check for yourself.

    And, does Crappy sell lawn mowers, tractors, or major appliances on-line? Nope. Not at all an apples-to-apples comparison.

    This is something that was done before, under the names "CT Me" and "Lawguy".

    It didn't fool consumers back then, and it won't fool them now.

    There might be some cases where Home Depot follows the same policies as other retailers. For instance, refusing returns on underwear and swimware for health reasons. Or on digital media for copy right reasons. In this cases HD and Crappy are like all major stores.

    But in all other cases, Crappy Tire is worse. Just check out the link yourself (instead of the misquoted material ACLO posted).

    There's no "exchange only" policy at HD. No "repair only" policy either. And of course nothing that says, "this product has no warranty".

    If I have some time later, I might shred apart that absurd post, line by line.

    But that's probably not necessary.

    Because I know consumers are smart enough to stop these old tricks from Angry CT-Me LawGuy Owner!

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