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    Re: Jobmate

    ACLO wrote that some consumers purchase items with no intention of keeping, but merely as a type of short-term rental, and that this “is a reflection of consumer behaviour and the steps stores have to take to protect themselves from the few customers who attempt to manipulate stores.”

    Certainly this is poor behaviour on the part of those consumers. But the poor behaviour of some customers is not an excuse for a retailer to ignore the law that are in place.

    Especially, this should not be used as an excuse to refuse legitimate returns of products that are defective, or have been misrepresented.

    The law is discussed here:

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    Re: Jobmate

    ACLO wrote, “Just because a product fails, does not mean it does not meet the standards of "implied durability".

    A product that fails prematurely, by definition, has not met the standard of “implied durability”. This is covered by the Sale of Goods Act. The customer is entitled to a refund.

    The law is discussed here:

    However, if a product functions for the entirety of its expected lifetime, then it has met the standard for implied durability, even if it fails after that time.

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    Re: Jobmate

    ACLO wrote, “If a coffee maker has a defective power button does that mean it's not fit for use and the retailer has not done their due diligence? No. Bring it back, get a replacement with a good button, end of story.”

    A coffee maker that “has a defective power button” is, well, defective. The customer is legally entitled to a refund. Or, if they prefer, a replacement/exchange.

    ACLO claims that it's "fit for use", even though it can't even be turned on - how they heck can it make coffee???

    Oh, I suppose it might be stuck "on", so the only way to shut the thing off is by unplugging it. Are we to assume the teenager at Returns is going to use that as an excuse? "Well, if makes coffee, doesn't it?" Sorry, that's just not good enough. If the device was built with an "off" switch, then the switch should work, despite the fact that there's an inconvenient work-around.

    And what's this "due diligence" crap? What is it that the retailers was supposed to have done? Nobody says they have to inspect every item they sell. But they have to stand behind it, by providing a refund if it turns out to be defective (or an exchange, if the customer is OK with that).

    The law is discussed here:

    There is nothing in the law about a retailer’s “due diligence” – only about the retailers obligation to provide a refund for the defective or misrepresented products they sold.

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    Re: Jobmate

    ACLO wrote, “If we're talking JobMate. They are light duty home use tools, and they do exactly that. No contractor would ever expect to go frame a house with a JobMate drill. If you can define "normal use" have at er. Is that 100 holes drilled in an hour? 6 in a day? 1000 in a weekend?”

    If the tool is represented as able to drill x holes in y hours, and it fails to so, then the tool has been misrepresented, and the customer is entitled to a refund under the law (

    In practice, products are more often rated as “light duty”, “medium duty” and “heavy duty”. If the tool fails to live up to a reasonable interpretation of those terms, then the customer is entitled to a refund (

    There generally aren't specific limits for what counts as "light" or "heavy" or even "reasonable". If it goes before a judge, it will probably be decided then, on the basis of expert testiomony. Obviously an expensive process usually used for expensive items like homes or automobiles, and not power-tools.

    If a crappy tool will only drill one or two holes before failing, it's hard to imagine that being considered "light duty", yet Crappy Tire has policies they will attempt to use to deny legitimate refunds for such products.

    It’s better to just shop at any of the other big retailers, who actually stand behind what they sell.

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    Re: Jobmate

    I think we're almost caught up on all the crap ACLO has been posting here - this should be about it:

    ACLO wrote, “At the end of the day, none of you even know what the defect rate of these items is, so you're talking through your hat again.”

    Despite what ACOL might say, brand loyalty is a valuable commodity in the marketplace, and manufacturers are keens to retain it, once earned. (Shouldn't an alleged 'retailer' already know that?)

    ACLO and other owners would like us to think we aren't capable of deciding for ourselves which brands are worth investing in, and which are just throw-aways - just because we don't have access to hard data on defect rates? Please!

    What do they think we should do? Rely only on the recommendations of retailers, especially the one (Crappy Tire) who doesn't stand behind what they sell?

    More than ever before, consumers have easy access to thrid-party on-line reviewers, such as Consumers Reports - possibly instant access via a 'smart' phone.

    Besides our own personal experiences, consumers are increasingly able to form and share their opinions on various brands and retailers, like these guys: Table saw vs Miter saw: which to buy? - Forums

    We are no longer in the dark - Welcome to Social Media, Crappy People!

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    Re: Jobmate

    I realize this is suppose to be a Canadian Tire sucks But.... I blew up a Mikita, I have blown up many Black and D Drills. I have tortured the Job Mate Drill. It still lives, It works in horse barns full of hard wood. To make everone happy I just killed the the head of the jobmate dremmel.

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    Re: Jobmate

    JobMate is hit or miss...most of the time it's miss but you get what you pay for. At my store I've always taken back Jobmate stuff with out a receipt as long as the customer is upgrading to something better! 8 times out of 10 most people know they are buying something that has horrible quality! 2 out of 10 bought it cause they can't afford the master craft drill that was $20 more than the Jobmate one. The bottom line is you get what you pay for..some take a chance and I reward they're bravery with a sale price on an upgraded drill..if they don't have a receipt and they are just trying to tell me the broken drill they found in the garbage is what they originally bought, I reward they're LACK of honesty with directions to door and directions to the closet Walmart!

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    Re: Jobmate

    Quote Originally Posted by Guest-0410 View Post
    My brother took his car in to get the brakes bled, basic 10-minute procedure right? wrong.

    They had him wait 4 hours, and in the end, they snipped his lines! and charged him $400!
    As a former employee, I can sit here and point out big problems with CT all day....but as a human being, I can also sit here and point out flaws in you people all in point.....if it's a basic 10 minute procedure, why didn't your brother do it himself? Why did they make him wait 4 hours? Was his the only vehicle in the shop that day? Did he have an appointment or did he just walk in off the street? ...if they made him wait, I'm assuming there was a reason....did he ask how long it was going to be? Appointments get brought in first....and no, they are not always on time.....if you bring a vehicle in for a brake inspection, everything is fine...out it goes and in comes the next appointment...oth, you bring a vehicle in for a brake inspection, it needs front and rear brakes...well, there goes an hour or two out of your schedule.....things get backed*t happens....when was the last time you were sitting in your doctor's office at 2:00 o'clock for your 2:00 o'clock appointment?

    They snipped his lines? Who was working on the brakes before he went to CT? Your brother? Did he cut/break/improperly install the lines? Obviously someone was working on them....most people don't wake up in the morning and decide to get their brakes bled. Last time I remember seeing anyone bleed brakes, it was only a matter of loosening and tightening bleeder screws....had nothing to do with cutting lines. I would have to say, if the lines were cut by the tech (which you would have to be able to prove) then that would be the tech's fault...not Canadian Tire....don't paint everybody with the same brush....I've worked with techs who go out of their way to get things fixed for people....properly and safely....they take pride in their work and do it well.....if you're gonna throw someone under the bus...get the tech's name and call him out on it....if you can prove it.....not everybody is a crook.

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    Re: Jobmate

    Isn't it nice, to hear from people claiming to be former employees, with insider information, but who then fail to dish any dirt at All?

    Who instead dig up 4-year old, 2-line posts, and devote several pages trying to defend crappy tire?

    At least they were only on here that one time, unlike the other Crappy Defenders who attacked customers on here, literally for years.

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    Re: Jobmate

    Quote Originally Posted by CT Challenger View Post
    Isn't it nice, to hear from people claiming to be former employees, with insider information, but who then fail to dish any dirt at All?

    Who instead dig up 4-year old, 2-line posts, and devote several pages trying to defend crappy tire?

    At least they were only on here that one time, unlike the other Crappy Defenders who attacked customers on here, literally for years.
    lol...a sense of humor...I like that....

    First of all...I'm not "claiming" to be a former employee, I am one.... Second, it's not "insider"'s common, public knowledge....third...I didn't "dig up" the showed up in a Google search....

    I'm not here defending crappy tire....why the hell would I? I owe them nothing......what I am doing is merely pointing out that there are two sides to every story.....I've been working with the public for over 35 years now and all I ever hear about is how bad the poor customer gets treated. Have you ever worked in retail or service? It is one of the most thankless industries in existence. Listening to people whine and moan and scream and cry over the stupidest things. I've stood in the parking lot at CT in -20 temps to install wiper blades because most people are either too stupid or too lazy to do it on their own....and what do I get? Frozen fingers and a handful of plastic that the wipers came in.....they could at least buy me a coffee or maybe even mutter a thank you once in awhile....but no...the average person thinks it's my job to do stuff for them for free...I don't mind helping people at all...but installing wipers is not my job....and that's just one example.

    So no...I'm not defending crappy tire...I don't really give a rats *ss about them....but I will speak up for the front line employees who put up with all the crap....after all, like you, we are just trying to make a living....and we have rules to follow and head office bull to deal with.....and believe it or not....I'm on your side most days.....except for the days when you start tearing me a new a**hole because your car is a POS and I can't fix it for free....

    And yes, I realize this is a site devoted to CT bashing....and that's great....but I guess, like most "customers", there is only your side and everything else is irrelevant, including common sense.

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