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Thread: Just joined the forum..hi to all

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    Cool Just joined the forum..hi to all

    i have a quick a few blogs about current and former CT employees.. Is there anyone on here, who has been unjustly laid off, fired, or has gone through constructive dismissal? I was injured at c.t. This year, have soon discovered how a dedicated employee is put through the corporate offices need to change the employees context of what is said to management at store level, learned that if your injured this company has no support for you or your injury even when it's on the job, have learned that the attitude is to break your human right to privacy with your injury and expect you to hand in doctors notes weekly at your expense when your injured and then when they do push you back to return. The company moves you to another department without advising you, nor asking your approval, and then cuts your shifts, even when they wanted you back to work because it's simply about the company not paying the expense to wcb for you injury..

    Anyone going through this? As I'm in a potion where I'm being pushed to quit, as the attitudes towards me at work are very toxic and I'm made to feel as if it was my own fault for getting injured ( which I should add wasn't)

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    Re: Just joined the forum..hi to all


    Sorry to hear of your troubles. It sounds like they treat their employees even worse than their customers.

    I hope things work out for you, and you are able to find a better job with a decent employer.

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    Re: Just joined the forum..hi to all

    Hey thanks.. Sadly I am one of their employees that treated customers really, worked hard at the job which benefited the store and it sales! You sure find out how you are valued one you get hurt!

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    Re: Just joined the forum..hi to all

    yea i wasw,i was fired for not wanting to work sat and sun days off wed and mon. i am a license tech we work during the week,thats pretty standard. they treat employees like crap,it's the ct way.

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    Re: Just joined the forum..hi to all

    Hi, Richard. Sorry to read about your poor treatment as an employee.

    We heard lots of horror stories on this page and on the crappy tire facebook page, about auto repair rip-offs, but not enough about how employees are treated.

    Welcome to the site.

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