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    Re: G'day

    1.8 million? I didn't know that! But yes, I did look to see who was VP customer relations, but couldn't find anyone. It seems to me Butt was in charge of store re-design, "what customers experience" when they walk in the door, I guess, and not the soviet-style interactions with management and staff. Heavens, there's so much more I want to address, but just for now, did anyone look at the CT Code of Business Conduct? Right in front, on page 3:

    "The Code does NOT apply to Canadian Tire Corporation Dealers, Mark’s Work Wearhouse
    Franchisees, PartSource Franchisees, Canadian Tire Petroleum Agents, and FGL Sports Ltd.
    Franchisees nor their respective employees. "

    Doesn't anyone at CT see the absurdity of having a code of conduct with exemptions??? Hey, Scott Adams, over here!!!!
    Bah, this is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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    Re: G'day

    Hello Ramou
    I like the fact you would rather not hurt CT, its been around so long. Canadian tire has been always been there, as I grew up of course now 44. I am conflicted about my anger towards my CT, but somehow the CT management at the CHATEAUGUAY store seem to feel above the people they serve. Try and complain, and you will be in the doghouse, treated like a crazy person. My huge beef with them is their closedown procedure ! I have politely mentioned on more than one occasion to any manager or assistant manager who happens to be there, that starting to turn lights off at 10-15 minutes before closing, and announcing that they are closing in a couple of minutes is not O.K. . And the couple of times I have done this it has been received by unsympathetic ears. Today I did the same thing as I left the store, spoke to manager, the assistant was beside her with another senior member. They were aghast, that I said that I feel unwelcome shopping there around closing time. before I knew it there were a dozen employees around standing around listening to my complaint, which should be heard at least semi privately.
    They literally try to push u out the door at closing time, to the point that u can here it in the voice of the person making the 2 rounds of closing announcements. Furthermore they always announce the store is closed before it actually is, 3-5 minutes before the posted closing time.
    they treat me like im crazy. I don't raise my voice, and am polite, although obviously bothered, and yet they do nothing to please the customer ! They forget I AM A CUSTOMER !! don't know if it is a Chateauguay thing or a CT thing.
    They told me all stores do this. That's BS, its the only CT I have been in that does that. For that matter the only store of any kind I have ever seen that kind of behaviour.
    As an example HOME DEPOT understands that customer is King. well in this case anyways (don't Know if everything goes this well at Home depot)
    my wife arrives at 10 minutes to closing, and is able to complete the purchase of a washer and dryer ! she was not pushed, she was not rushed, and we love that washer and dryer. She told me; that the salesman left 20 minutes late didn't complain one bit, now that's nice :-) . In this case we were King.

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    Re: G'day

    Crappy Tire - always innovative, when it comes to inventing new ways to suck.

    The good news is, they are volunteering to reduce the exposure of innocent Canadians to their many rip-off schemes, such as the notorious 'repair-only warranty' and their incompetent, inflated auto service.
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