Last summer, I bought a Simoniz 1750 pressure washer on sale. The very frist time I went to use it, the gun leaked at the trigger and there was no pressure. I went back to CT and the clerk told me that they had a lot of complaints about this pressure washer and that Simoniz would send me a new gun handle if I called them. So, off I went and called Simoniz, and a week later, they send me a new handle for the pressure washer. I went to use it again, and this time, it worked... for 5 minutes! The handle started to leak again, so off I went to CT with my pressure washer, original packaging, and receipt. At this time, I was told that they did not accept any returns on Simoniz pressure washers. Sure enough, every unit they had on the floor now had a disclaimer stating that if I bought this pressure washer, I would not be able to return it. I asked to speak to the manager, I asked him... So, if I were to buy this pressure washer and walked out the door, and came back 2 minutes later to return it, I couldn't? He said No, no returns what so ever. Isn't there a law against this? They obviously know they are selling a defective product...

With no assistance at the store, I was told I would have to deal with Simoniz. Long story short... after repeated phone calls and 5 gun handles later... it was the end of summer. Time to pack the pressure washer away. I told the agent at Simoniz, I wouldn't get to use the pressure washer to ensure it would work, since it is almost winter, and I would be packing it away for the year. He said that he would document my situation in my file.

Fast forward to this year, it's spring, I'm taking my pressure washer out to use for the first time (really, I haven't really used it at all yet). I stored it in my heated basement to ensure there would be no issues. But sure enough, I plug everything in, water spews out from the base of the unit. I call Simoniz, they give me the number to the repair center where they can do local repairs under the warranty. I call the repair center, and they tell me that Simoniz is no longer supplying them with the parts for this model of pressure washer. Nice.

I call CT again at their "Corporate Customer Service" center and expained my situation and my displeasure that this store was knowingly selling a defective item. The woman at corporate then told me that all the stores were individually owned and that they could set their own return policies. So, I asked her why Canadian Tire, the corporation, didn't care what their frachisees were donig to tarnish the CT name? She then repeated that the store was individually owned... she obviously didn't care herself!

I truly hope CT goes bankrupt. I will not shop there again. And I will tell everyone I know, not to shop there either!