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    Hi there CTsucks Fourms!

    Hi there! Though I'd rather keep my real name a secret, you can call me Lynx on here. Anyways, I am a former Canadian Tire employee who has just recently been let go. The reason they let me go was because of my mental health issues have sometimes since I can't afford a health plan for my...
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    Greetings Forum

    I'm glad I found this site. As a former employee of CT (lost my job last night), I would very much like to contribute to this forum.
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    "Repair Only Warranty" - No Refund, No Exchange

    A Canadian Tire policy that seems to cause a large number of complaints is their “Repair Only Warranty”. The name doesn’t sound so bad. It seems like it’s only telling you something about the manufacturer’s warranty. After all, how could a “Repair Only Warranty” doesn't sound a whole lot...
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    Customer service

    Seriously the big box stores really need to hire more people to work the floors. God knows they can afford it. Just look for local mom and pop style stores from now on. All it takes is yellowpages online and thats it. Really i stopped going to home depot and crappy tire for over a year now since...