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Hi there!

Though I'd rather keep my real name a secret, you can call me Lynx on here.

Anyways, I am a former Canadian Tire employee who has just recently been let go. The reason they let me go was because of my mental health issues have sometimes since I can't afford a health plan for my medication. Plus, my most recent "incident" where I couldn't show up to work because of a blizzard we had where I live; The road conditions were awful and I didn't want to risk my life.

It seems that there are a lot of people on here that do not like many things that CT has or has done; the stories are shocking and I do understand them and share the pain. More or less I am afraid that some of my posts will be spotted on here by my former employers/employees who would rat me out and get me in trouble, but I am not careless enough to share 'secrets' of theirs.

I am tired of defending them; When I first started working at the store I worked in, I expected it to be fun, easy, and organized. But as the months went by, my perspective changed dramatically. I am willing to share some stories on here but none too personal as I would like to keep everything anonymous on their part as there are many good people who I worked with and some that probably hate my guts to this day.

Feel free to say hello or ask me questions, I have been looking at this site for a month or so now but never had the guts to join in on the fun until now.

Hi, Lynx:

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope your next position is a more positive experience, where you don't need to defend your employer.

Regarding questions for you, we are consumers, and are mostly interested in the inne vworkings of a store, like who decides if refunds will be provided, how to get around some of the crazy policies, how/if the Crappy stores get reimbursed for defective goods, how come untrained teenagers are allowed to work on the vehicles of naive customers, why there is consistently insufficient quantities of sale items, etc.

Welcome to the site, and we are looking forward to hearing more of the inside scoop from you!
Wow I never expected a response this quickly!

Anyways, I can answer some of those questions for you.
1) Refunds- I've never had to deal with refunds in person but as far as I knew, it was usually the head supervisor or the manager that decided. Usually there ended up being exchanges or store credit.
2) Crazy Policies- I'm not too sure what the policies are on a consumer standpoint, but some of the ones for employees were a little excessive. Might have to think on this one. Are you interested in the customer policies or the employee ones? I can tell you either.
3) Store Reimbursement- If a product was defective on arrival or was found defective in the box by a customer (mostly shipment damage or carelessness in the warehouse part) then it would be entered in the store's computer system and a return truck would show up sometime to take the stuff away if it was expensive or deemed not safe to put in the dumpster. But mostly the store would get reimbursed if it was because of/blamed on the shipping process.
4) Untrained Teenagers- This was the big issue at the store where I worked except my store didn't hire teenagers in the auto department, which seems surprising to me seeing all the stories on here. The big issue was the part time teenagers working on the floor, coming in from their high schools and they could care less about what they do in the store. Many of the issues like missing stock on the floor and misplaced signage was mostly because of them. The warehouse guys were always pissed off because they would have to go and look for the missing stock on the floor where it turned out to be hidden in a similar product's location.
5) Insufficient Quantities of Items- Another big issue at the old store and related to my previous answer. Yes, these kids would constantly hide/misplace things. Whether it was on purpose on their part or because of carelessness, it bugged a lot of people; myself included. There was also issues in the warehouse where some of the guys would place things somewhere but forget to program it in or just didn't care. I can almost guarantee if the store owner actually found out what was going on, most of those kids and some of the other floor staff would have also been let go. The behaviour of some of these people drove me nuts enough resulting in my departure.

I hope this was some ok insight. I'll try to elaborate when I can. Cheers!