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    New here, have to agree that Canadian Tire Sucks!

    Last weekend saw CT's flyer, some OE Plus brake pads on sale, 20% off, thought it was not bad. Went to the store nearby during the weekend, want to stock up a whole set of front / rear brake pads for my car. They told me there's no stock of the rear brake pads, but can order for me, and will...
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    Canadian tire botched brake job (brake failure incident)

    CANADIAN TIRE BRAKE JOB NIGHTMARE, WILLIAMS LAKE STORE - I recently had the brake pads on my 1993 Ford Ranger replaced by Canadian Tire, in Williams Lake, British Columbia. After driving for a few months, and right after traveling a 300 km trip and down a severe canyon they call Sheep's Creek...
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    Full of crap

    They gave me an estimate for work at almost $900. That is for changing breaks! They were trying to sell me braking system flush which is not necessary since the car is only 1 yo and where trying to attach strings to force me pay even more down the road. I refused and got everything done in...