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    Would like to know what it is like to work at other CAnadian Tire stores.

    I'm interested in hearing other employees situations and what it is like to work at other stores. Are they all the same? Does your store operate the same as this one? ........ We have to buy our own pens (even the ones the customers have to use to sign their credit card receipts). Trying to...
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    Why Do CT Defenders Post So Many Lies Here?

    I find it fascinating that those who appoint themselves as defenders of Canadian Tire on this site post so many bald-faced lies. What could their intention be? Are they simply being argumentative, and like to stir up controversy (tolls)? Do they think their bogus claims will convince future...
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    Sign the Petition Against Canadian Tire

    And get everyone you know to sign it too. The more negative attention we bring to Canadian tire the more likely they will be to change their business practices or suffer the financial consequences of too many customers associating Canadian Tire with the unethical practices they employ. Get the...
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    Customer service

    Seriously the big box stores really need to hire more people to work the floors. God knows they can afford it. Just look for local mom and pop style stores from now on. All it takes is yellowpages online and thats it. Really i stopped going to home depot and crappy tire for over a year now since...
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    A Consumer's War against CTC

    Do you really know what the mechanics at the Canadian Tire Auto Service are doing to your car? (I) On Jan 7, 2008, my car's condition was checked by a mechanic at the Tony Graham dealership: (1) No vibration felt at highway speeds (2) Checked for beating noise - nothing heard (3) Inspected...