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I'm interested in hearing other employees situations and what it is like to work at other stores. Are they all the same? Does your store operate the same as this one? ........

We have to buy our own pens (even the ones the customers have to use to sign their credit card receipts). Trying to get paperclips is like pulling teeth.
Cashiers don't get paid for time before/after a shift to count their tills. Sometimes the employees don't get done work for a 1/2 hour later, without pay. Sometimes they have to wait 10-15 minutes for a manager to open the safe so the employee can put their till in the safe. The employee cannot leave the till unattended, they must wait for the manager, unpaid time for employee as well.
We have to clean the public washrooms during our regular shifts. Yet we cannot take a coffee break in a 5 hour shift.
We have to pay for 50% of our uniforms.
We work for minimum wage, no incentives, no raises, no benefits.
Our schedules are usually only posted 3 days in advance (if we are lucky).
How often is the Dealer in the store? We are lucky if we see our Dealer once a week.
Is your store air conditioned? We have air conditioning but it is usually so low that very often the temperature is 80-84 degrees.
There is no communication, if there is a problem, a note is sent from the office.
When something changes, it is up to the employees to inform the other employees in their department.
Does your store still use the old CRT monitors (black background with green print)? The ones with radiation.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the above situations.
Thank you.


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Everything is pretty mich the same at my CT, except they will pay us for the time we stay after our shift. They would also like us to by our own pens, but I refuse as I need it to do my job and beliee it is aomething that should be provided (because, really? A pack of twelve is, like, fifteen cents).
Not getting breaks is a BIG one for us. If a cashier comes in for a 4:45 to 10:00 shift, she is expected to stay at her till her the entire shift. No break, no nothing. For some of the ones in school, that is complete garbage, considering they had to go straight from school to work to be on time, so by the end of the night, they are famished.


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See my store is a little different. Five hour or even a four hour shift we are entitled to a 15 minute break. The dealer is at our store almost 7 days a week and the monitors yes, however they have been changed to flat screens. Pens and utilities are provided however some of us just bring it from home. We are paid until we leave the door, (all employees that count cash sign out at customer serivce before they leave.) the only time we can leave our tills however is to put up sale or fill our cash lanes. But we are allowed to leave if it's for the benefit of our department (front end)

Hope this helps.